Vice Ganda in GENSAN

Last night I watched VICE GANDA show: “May NagText, May SHOW ako!” with my friends. PIYESTA KTV & RESTOBAR was one fot he sponsors and I have complementary tickets. Me and my friends are a big fan of VICE GANDA. Before, we spend our “bonding” time watching VICE GANDA in youtube of what we call our LAUGH TRIP. I was with my friends Clifford, Poncia, Jose, Philip and Jeffrey. We met up with my blogger friends Orman and Avel and my sissy Romarie there.

may nagtext vice ganda show in gensan

It always amazes me every time there’s a show here in GENSAN because it always turns out be a social event where friends, relatives and business partners meet up in one venue the Lagao Gym.

VICE GANDA FASHION is very trendy, modern, elegant and has every touch of his personality in it.

First outfit Colorful Modern Mix: metallic blue leggings, white statement shirt, pink colorful beaded blazer, personalized sparkly silver short boots and a headdress.

laugh trip with vice ganda

Second outfit Formal Classy “DIVA” look: white and black strips tee shirt, a long fluffy black skirt with long slit infront, snake skin short boots.

personalize fashion vice ganda

Third outfit Gold, gold, gold: Sequenced shinny gold blouse, matt gold jacket, black shorts with gold linnings, snake skin short boots.

personalize fashion vice ganda

VICE GANDA is the epitome of PERSONALIZE FASHION. “Wear who you are,” I say. Let your outfit reflect your personality. VICE GANDA’s personality fashion if I were to read it is LOUD, LIVELY, FUN, HIP, MODERN, SPARKLY, DIVA but very ACCOMMODATING and FRIENDLY.

This was not an ordinary show. A three hour non-stop LAUGH TRIP, no front act, no breaks just laugh laugh laugh. VICE GANDA‘s very keen and quick in giving impromptu PUNCH LINE. What made the night more flawless was the presence of GLADYS REYES. Her arguing tandem with VICE GANDA was a great success in the ABS-CBN’s “SHOW TIME”

vice ganda show in gensan with gladys reyes

The audience last night had a nostalgic feeling of being in SHOW TIME when VICE GANDA together with MANILA’s New Top Comedian LASSY and MC sang SHOW TIME‘s famous song. My friends and I were waving our hands and sang with them and really felt and imagining like we were in the set of SHOW TIME.

All in all a GREAT LAUGH TRIP night with my friends. Thank you very Much for the awesome company.

Laugh trip with Vice Ganda in Gensan

The night will not be complete with out our photo with VICE GANDA. Sissy Romarie and I waited at the backstage patiently for a photo opportunity like this.

donna mae and romarie with vice ganda

Laugh all you want,



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