Hair Color explained

In todays beauty industry HAIR COLOR is one of the sought after salon service. Gone are the days where you can only see black hair. Today, fashion colors with soft  and natural color reflects are everywhere.  People are educated now a days with the importance of HAIR COLORING. Coloring your hair will do wonders to your over all appearance which will eventually boost your self confidence. HAIR COLOR can also make you look younger.

hair coloring

Hair Color

There are three classification of HAIR COLORANT . Permanent HAIR COLOR, Semi-permanent color and temporary color.

  • Permanent HAIR COLOR use oxidant to mix with the colorant this can cover gray hair. This color stays permanently in your hair unless you decided to change color
  • Semi-permanent color are those henna wax or A.K.A cellophane this can cover white hair but just to a certain point this type of color do not use oxidant. It is semi permanent because eventually the color will wash out  depending on how your hair was taken cared of.
  • Temporary color these are the spray colors used which will wash out if hair gets wet or wash with shampoo.

classification of hair colorant

How does HAIR COLOR work?

Permanent HAIR COLOR works this way. Our hairstylist will mix hair colorant and oxidizing cream. This mixture will go inside the hair cuticle to the hair cortex. The oxidizing cream is responsible for opening up the cuticle so that new color pigments can sip inside the cortex. The cortex is where color pigments are and they determine our hair color. The mixture will penetrate to the cortex therefore changing our hair color.

In Semi-permanent color no oxidizing cream used. This works by coating our hair in the hair cuticle layer only that’s why the color does not stay permanently. Same goes with the temporary color it just coats the our hair cuticle.

structure of hair inside the hair

HAIR COLORING technique is not easy to study. Our hair stylist spend months and even years of training and experience to know the basic concept of HAIR COLORING. HAIR COLORING is very technical this requires measurements and precise knowledge of the color wheel concept to perfect. Techniques also varies if you have virgin hair, previously colored hair, gray hair, if you want to change color from dark to light or from light to dark and the length of your hair re-growth.


  • If you want to color your hair inform your hairstylist of the previous treatments or chemical process you’ve done to your hair. They need to know your hair history so that they know what technique to use to reach to your desired hair color.
  • If you happen to use blackening shampoo you should tell your hairstylist about it
  • Using of hair blackening shampoo or hair colorant that are mix with water coats your hair cuticle and if you want to put permanent color this will not work.
  • Use of products like BEIGEN or other colorant which are mix with water can dry your hair and if you decided to change to a lighter color hairstylist can not do anything about it because the product coats the cuticle layer of your hair and will not allow the color mixture to go inside the cortex.
  • Here’s the TRUTH hair coloring will leave your hair dry it is ADVISABLE to do hair treatment right after HAIR COLORING.
  • If planning to have HAIR COLOR refrain from wearing white
  • If your dress or blouse gets tinted by the colorant spray the area tinted with hair spray or spray net so that the stain will be washed away.

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