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I am going to share to you my knowledge about HAIR TREATMENTSPROFESSIONAL hair treatment that is. I hope I can help you in choosing what treatment to ask the next time you visit one of our salons.

There are a lot of HAIR TREATMENTS in the market right now. And SALONS also offer a lot of different kinds of hair treatment. Here are the truths of HAIR TREATMENTS as my years of experience managing a salon and years and years of attending and doing HAIR SEMINARS taught me.

As I have said in my previous post-MIX TIPS it is advisable or better to seek a professional hair treatment once in a while. If you have extra budget once a month hair treatment will do.

Take NOTE: hair treatments are good for your hair and are advised by professionals for at least once a month. You can never OVER DO a hair treatment the more hair treatment you do the more it strengthens and repairs you hair.

There are two kinds of HAIR TREATMENT:

One kind concentrates on smoothing and repairing the OUTER LAYER of the hair, which is the CUTICLE layer of the hair shalf. In this kind of treatments you can feel the difference of your hair right after the treatment. It usually smells good and some treatments have a minty feeling.

The other kind is that it penetrates to the INNER LAYER of the hair shalf to the CORTEX and repairing damages that were cause by previous chemical process.

Lets discuss the TOP HAIR TREATMENTS being offered by leading SALONS.

  • HOT OIL – a deep conditioning hair treatment smoothing the outer layer of you hair. Some have aromatherapy, some have coconut extracts, some are specifically for colored hair, some also are for relaxed and straightened hair. Usually done with hair steamers.
  • HAIR SPA – also a treatment for outer layer of the hair and focuses on the scalp, this kind of treatment usually are aromatic in nature to give a relaxing feel for the client.

  • POWER DOSE (LOREAL) or treatments that comes in a VIAL – these kinds of treatments are the once who sip inside the hair and repairing it from the inside. This treatment you can’t feel the difference of the hair because it works from the inside.

  • HAIR CELLOPHANE – This treatment uses henna wax (this are not the once used in TATOOS!!) it shines and covers the outer layer of the hair and with this kind of treatment you can choose a color that will temporarily be in your hair approximately a month or so. Usually this treatment (if you have experienced it before) leaves your hair bleeding the next day when you shower. This treatment coats the hair and makes it VERY VERY shinny and a light color reflect will appear when you are directly hit my sunlight.

  • HAIR DETOX- it detoxifies and scrape away scums that build up in your hair from the pollutants and shampoo or gel residue left behind. This treatment involves two process: First, is the scraping away of the scums and excess build ups in your hair. And  second, is the treatment replacing the necessary moisture that was loss.
  • OXYGEN TREATMENT - I will dedicate one POST for this so that I can explain this treatment further.

So, that’s it I hope I gave you enough knowledge of the different kinds of Hair Treatments.

Here is the SERVICE MENU for HAIRS & NAILS for you to have an idea of the price range. Contact them at GENSAN BRANCH: (083) 301-4822; 0932728114

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184 Comments to “Hair Treatments”

  • Hi, is it safe to have my hair cellophaned with color twice a month? I had it done mga first week or 2nd week of January but it looks like it didn’t undergo cellophane kasi nagfade agad color :( What do you suggest?

    Btw, the salon used Loreal for my cellophane.

    • yes it’s ok hair cellophane is a hair treatment. And the color of hair cellophane is only temporary it will really fade or wash out. You can have it done twice a month.

      • I have a dry and frizzy hair(medyo curly&brown po yunghair ko) .What shall ido.??Gusto ko po kasi ma-less na yung pag ka frizzy nya.Straight naman sa taas pero curly sa baba.(it’s natural na po)

        • if you just want less frizziness but retain the natural wave or curl of your hair get a Brazilian Blowout….

        • if you just want less frizziness but retain the natural wave or curl of your hair get a Brazilain Blowout….

  • Hi Ms. Donna! Can I ask what kind of hair treatment should I have? I have thick hair, and it was damaged years ago because of hair perm gone wrong. :( Now I have dry and frizzy hair, esp at the back part. And most of my hair ends are curly and thin. I had my hair relaxed a few times already and rebonded once. I want to remove the frizz, because I’m planning on getting my hair colored.

  • hi,. i want to ask it is ok to use Henna treatment wax to Rebonded hair?, do i need to follow the direction putting a warm damp towel? my hair is rebond a week before! thank you!

    • Henna wax treatment is a good hair maintenance treatment for rebonded hair. What brand of henna wax is that? I do not recall any instructions or procedure for henna wax treatment that includes hot tamp towel

  • hi po!..maam donna ask ko lng po sana ….ano po bang best hair treatment na dapat sa buhok ko..kasi last january nagparebond ako pero d ako satisfy sa result…ngaun straight nman xa pero dami ko na maxadong split ends tska dry maxado hair ko !! gus2 ko sana magmukhang shiny at kkunti na split ends..ano po bang magndang gawin sa buhok ko…sana po ma2lungan nyo ako..TNX:)

    • Do the hair cellophane or double dose treatment :)

      • Hi Ms. Donna,

        I’d like to know when do you apply the power booster if I decided to get a hair rebond and cellophane?

        Thank you very much!

        • Right before ironing your hair when it’s damp 60-70 percent dry

  • hi ,A blessed day!
    buhaghag un hair ko..straight nmn sya n mejo wavy..
    kaso ang buhaghag lng tlga..ang kapal pa..
    ittnong ko lng po..anong mgndang treatment..
    wla pang treatment un hair ko..never rebonded po never permed po…
    i just want to make it more manageable..
    thnks in advance :D

    • hi try cellophane treatment

  • Hi poh, just wanna ask if whats the best treatment for mah hair, nagpa kulay po kc ako ng hair and then a few mos ago nagpa rebond ako and the result was super dry ko at nasunog :( mahaba po hair ko before then after xa na rebond umilkli na kc nasunog :(

    Please help, thanks

    • any treatment will do as long as you do it often now that your hair is super dry. in our salons we offer double dose treatment or oxygen treatment for cases such as yours.

  • hello po ms Donna mae,
    last year po kasi ngparebond ako then now yung ibang hair ko po eh nacut in between my rebonded hair at sa bagong tubo ko po na hair, so parang naging manipis na po yung hair ko, hindi na rin po siya maganda tignan kasi po yung baba straight then yung taas is buhaghag na ulet. this May po, i’m planning to rebond my hair again but i’m afraid na baka ma-cut po lahat ng hair ko :’(
    ask ko lang po what is the best treatment to fix my hair?
    thanks in advance po! :)

    • look for a very reliable salon. Good or right rebonding process is the cure.

  • Hi Ms. Donna, I have undergone rebond & cellophane(darkbrown) 2 days ago. Is it ok if I would have my hair cellophane again today in black? I’m worried, might there be negative effects to my hair?

    • ok lang naman why don’t you like the color??

  • Hi! I need your help. I had my hair rebonded 3 wks ago and I had my color retouched yesterday. The stylist told me that she has to use cellophane to retouch my roots since its rebonded. She said that their cellophane does not fade but its like dye also. Is this true? I think she used loreal. I just wanna know coz i paid a lot for just a color retouc.

    • it depends mam hair cellophane kasi usually fades after a month… pero it still depends po if the stylist used loreal… sorry po i can’t help that much with your question kasi theirs a lot of terminologies for treatments in the salon po kasi

  • Hi! I need your help. I had my hair rebonded 3 wks ago and I had my color retouched yesterday. The stylist told me that she has to use cellophane to retouch my roots since its rebonded. She said that their cellophane does not fade but its like dye also. Is this true? I think she used loreal. I just wanna know coz i paid a lot for just a color retouch

  • Hi mam donna, healthy po ba yung pag papacellophane ng buhok every month?
    and ask co lang po what yung mairerecomment nyong shampoo..
    thank you po..

    • Yes healthy sa hair cellophane or any other treatment every month… :) shampoo depende anong need ng hair nyo mam

      • nagparebond po ako last week mam, and basically im not satisfied with the result. because, months ago, i undergo permanent cellophane, and when i go to salon, yung ibabaw lang yung nilagyan nila ng gamot and the bump is still here. parang hindi man ako narebond. ask co lang mam kung kelan co ulit pweding ipatreatment yung buhok ko.. or shall i undergo rebond again but in other salon? THANK YOU FOR REPLY :)

  • Good pm maam, May I ask, may plan po ako na magpa rebond and hair cellopane tommorow.pero sabi ng salon Its Ok also to have hair rebond and hair detox.. Ano po ba ang mas better hair cellophane o hair detox?? I had previous hair relax and also hair celo a years ago.

    • rebond and cello is better… cellophane treatment should be done once a month kung gusto mo talagang shiny ang hair mo

  • Hi Ms. Donna.Just want to ask. I had my hair cellophaned yesterday and seemed that I don’t like the color coz it’s eggplant.I felt weird with it. What will I supposed to do?It actually turned pink as radiated by sunlight/ all sorts of light and I felt uncomfortable.Will the color fades out if I will rinse my hair several times a day?

    Thank you in advance!

    • the color will eventually fade after a month but if you want have another cellophane treatment with a different color not a problem with that naman po…

  • hi mam donna, its been a month since i had my freakin fake rebond and my hair went back to normal, pwede na po ba akong magparebond ulit or kailangan co pang maghintay for few months.. thank you sa reply mam

    • It depends sa condition ng hair mo… we had clients we’ve done rebonding a week after… but stylist or hairstylist would have to check your hair first coz they need to adjust the technique and timing of the rebonding process…

  • Hi ask ko lng po mam nagpa cellophane ako yesterday, and i want a hair color today,okay lng ba un?…Pero before ako nagpa cellophane i got previous which is light color,ano kaya kalalabasan?if nagpakulay ako..Thank you so much

    • most probably hindi masyado eefect ang color dapat ma wash out muna ung hair cellophane kasi it coats your hair with color kasi, ung hair color naman it goes inside the cuticle layer kaya sya permanent unlike cellophane nag wawash out…

  • hi mam donna…nag p celo po q 6 days ago…okay lng po b kung ulitin sya bukas? ilang beses po dapat nag ppa celo in 1 month po? okay lng po b gumamit p po aq ng keratin? with color? tenk u mam..:)

    • yes ok lang naman it’s a hair treatment mag 2x a month for hair cello is still ok…. then maintenance mo ung keratin…

  • hello po. I just had my hair rebonded last saturday, and I had it V-cut’d yesterday. And I washed it this morning. Now the shortest part of my hair, (nearly the bangs), looks so buhaghag and the consistency of the rebond, I think, has been worn out. What can I do? Should I go back to the salon and ask them to rebond it again? Would it cost me another 2K for the service? Thank you so much :))

    • yes you can go back to the salon and ask them to rebond it again and ask for a discount you’ll have to pay pa din kasi they’d be using rebonding medicine which will cost them something but ask for an ample discount na lang…

  • Oh. If my original rebond costs 2K, how much do you think the discount will be? Its so sad I just found out that I still have kinky hair left unrebonded. And that’s too many! :( Thank you for this by the way. Bless you po :))

  • Hello Donna,

    Very insightful blog. :) Anyway, my hair is manipis and a little below the shoulder ang length. What can you recommend na hair treatment for me that would last for several months? Some said kase, relax lang pwede na pero I’m thinking baka the day after wala na (like hot oil). Di naman damaged hair ko. Just want it to firmly adhere to each other, basta di mukhang hindi nagsusuklay, ganun lang naman.


    • thank you for the kind words. Relaxing or Hair Straightening is not a hair treatment but a chemical process. Hair Treatments are their to give moisture to your hair and not change the structure like from buhaghag to straight. If you want to change the state of your hair from slightly buhaghag or just adhere to each other try the Brazilian Blowout… here’s my post about it http://kikaymuch.me/2011/05/hair/my-brazilian-blowout-experience/ or try Hair Rebonding but still do hair treatments to keep your hair moisturized

      • Great Donna! Thank you so much! It can probably work for me…appreciate your help! :D

  • Hi Ma’am Donna,
    jUst want to ask is it possible that hairmask or hot oil treatment mix to liquid cellophane vial??? paano po kaya ang ratio? thaNks a lot…

    • Yes it’s okey to mix depende sa iyo saan ang gusto mo mas madami ung cream or ung liquid

  • Hi Miss Donna! I had my hair straightened today + cellophane. can you give me tips para di agad bumalik sa pagiging wavy yung hair ko? Another question po is ano bang mas magandang DIY keratin hair treatment (shine moist vs. ahglow keratin hair treatment)? ano po ba pwede niyo maisuggest na mas effective. Thanks in advance.

    • for hair maintenance do a keratin hair treatment twice a month pwede na yang DIY any brand will do same results shinemoist or ahglow…

  • Hi po , I have bleached my hair and it has gone brassy na may pagka yellow ano po na treatment ang ma i recommend mo sa akin , and may branch kayo sa DAVAo ?

    • I highly recommend Brazilian Blowout… yes we do have a branch here in Davao Hairs & Nails located at Gov Duterte Street fronting SHakey’s you can call us at 305-3401

  • Hello po, I just had hair cellophane with color kanina lang. I was kind of hoping na my hair color would change, but turns out, hindi clear na may changes. Makikita lang pala siya pag may light. Kaya I was kind of wondering if pwede kayang i-dye nalang aking hair? Very healthy po aking buhok and virgin pa siya not until nung pa-cellophane ko kanina. Now I really want to dye it. What shoud I do? :(

    • if your not contented with the color of your hair have it dyed… :)

      • Is it okay to have it colored na agad kahit bago lang siya naka-cellophane?

        • and how many boxes of dye do I need if I have thin, long hair almost sa hips?

          • one and one half box of 100ml colorant

  • Hello,

    I dyed my hair for the first time. I have natural brownish black hair, and I used Revlon’s light golden brown permanent hair dye (luminista) because it’s said to be perfect for dark hair. When I finished, I’ve noticed that it only colored the top of my head. What am I supposed to do? Should I color my ends again? Please help. I can’t afford any salon treatments right now and I need specific instructions.

    Thank you very much.

    • In coloring hair their are a lot of things to consider colorist charge as such because they learned all necessary things to know about coloring because it has measurements and we also need to consider the condition of the hair and previous treatments done… as per specific instructions I can’t give you any because a lot of things to be considered maybe you had your hair colored by (metallic dye) or blackening shampoo, or you might made the wrong mixture or measurement, wrong procedure it putting it, or wrong timing etc.

  • Good day…ms Donna,i had my relax for almost 5 months ago ang panget ng result at ang daming lagas ng hair ko hanngang ngayon nag lalagas parin…sabi nila nasobrahan daw sa gamot…natatakot po ako na maubusan ng hair,sobrang nipis na nya ngayun 25% nalang to ng hair ko before!ano po bang treatment ang pwede sakin?

    • yung mga hair na nalalagas sakin ay may white bulb please i need help badly

    • try the oxygen treatment ma’am

      • yung hair spa po ba ay makakatulong para matigil ang paglalagas?

  • kase may nag recommend din sakin ng hair spa daw para matigil….gusto ko lang po makasigurado

  • at magkano po kaya yung oxygen treatment sa salon?

  • reply po

  • Hello po .. I just got my hair rebonded with cellophane last Fri (Dec 28) and dba 3 days daw ang hihintayin bago iwash, eh I washed it na the 2nd day in the morning ksi napansin ko may part ng hair ko na naputol as in hnggang anit sya .. buti nlng hindi halata takot pa naman ako makalbo !!!! den hindi naman straight yung hair ko nag flatten lng sya sa itaas pero sa baba wavy, buhaghag and nagkakaron pa ko ng split ends .. Sabi nung nagrebond sakin aayusin daw nya yun this Jan 4 .. ok lang po ba yun ?? hindi ba masisira yung buhok ko ? Mejo hindi po kasi ako nagtitiwala na sa nagrebond sa akin .. and ano po ba mgndang treatment sakin ?? Makapal po kasi yung buhok ko and even the strands mkapal din .. Please Reply ASAP :D Thank You ..

    • any treatment will do just to put in moisture sa hair mo kasi nag dry na yan…. hindi naman nakaka putol ng hair ang rebonding as long as proper ang pag hair iron… i recommend you go to a salon and stylist you trust…

  • Hello po. pwede po mag tanong? pwede ba magpa rebond ng buhok kahit nag pa hairgloss treatment kana?

    • it depends… kasi sometimes some salon call hair relax or hair staightening services as hair gloss hindi pwede i rebond yan… pero if hair gloss talaga sya na hair treatment lang pwede po…

  • Hello just wanna ask. Pano po magkaka kulay yung hair? ko yung visible sya kahit di sa sunlight kase po nag cellophane akong black then brown there’s no result. Thanks po

  • Hi miss Donna..did u ever try to mix the shine moist henna wax treatment sa neutralizer before applying sa nirerebond na hair or after the whole process of rebonding before you can cellophane the hair? do you think there will be a big difference on the outcome? Thanks, looking forward for your reply!

    • hi sorry for the late reply yes you can mix neutralizer with henna wax treatment, no difference in the outcome just make sure that you use the right amount of neutralizer.

  • Hi Ms. Donna! Ask ko lng, kkaparebond ko lng 3days ago w/ pro-v, cello and hair spa plus permanent dye, ano po ung mgandang treatment for maintenance? Ok lng ba cello w/ washable color? Bka pg ngwashout color nun e masira permanent dye ko? Or much better kng clear nlang? Thanks!

    • much better clear lang po para hindi mag mix ang permanent hair color with hair cellophane…

  • pwede po ba araw arawin ang shinemoist ionic keratin?ty

    • yes you can use it like a conditioner just take note not to put any in your scalp just at ends and mid length

  • Hi ano po ba pang tanggal ng henna color? before kasi ang pinangkulay ko sa buhok ko ay henna tapos after 10mos nagpakulay ako ng ibang color hair di tumalab ung my mga henna. ano po ba pwedeng gawin para tlaban na ung dating kinulayan ng henna?

    • wala po matindi kumapit sa buhok ang henna wax kasi kinu coat nya ang hair…

  • Helo po ano po bang dapat gawin para talaban ng ibang color ang dating kinulayan ng henna black?

  • can i change my red cellophane with another color after one week?

    • yes you can po since cellophane treatment lang naman sya…

  • can i change my red cellophane with another cellophane color after one week?

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