Kikay ka?? Kikay AKO!!!

(photo by Joyce Mariscal)

This is a BLOG that  will be dedicated to the authors “kakikayan.” The author of this blog is a self proclaimed fashionista, a learning make-up artist, a salon owner & manager, a young business woman, a traveller, a daughter, a sister and a very good friend.  I will talk about the latest fashion trends in hair styles, make-up and outfits.

I will try my very best to update this blog if not everyday at least 3x a week (crossing my fingers!!). I will blog about the things that I LOVE about fashion. This will not always coincide with what everyone else’s but hey this is my blog and my space in the blogosphere (hehehehehe)

So, KIKAYMUCH?? yes definitely I AM!! and I’m proud of it. Every girl has their “kikay” side whether they like it or not. As a girl or a woman it is innate in our beautiful nature to be “kikay” in every way possible. It may not alyways reflect on our outfits but I know this always shows one way or another.

So, come with me in this journey of “KAKIKAYAN” girls..

love much,



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