Carrot HEALTH Soap

Have you ever heard of CARROT SOAP? or CARROT HEALTH SOAP?

Carrot Health Soap

Me and my whole family are using it. We’ve been using it for 3 years already. This product is locally made here in the Philippines specifically in Mindanao but I attest to it’s quality base on my own experience.

I have a very sensitive skin.  As years of FAILED experience and experiments taught me and my mom because of the allergies and rashes I got from trying all sorts of products. I easily get rashes and can’t stop scratching thus, resulting to infections and dark spots. I can’t use products that are not tested by my derma.

I tried CARROT SOAP one day because it was in our comfort room my mom and dad where the ones who first tried it. I was amazed of the result I felt after I used it. I felt my skin firmer and whiter the moment I dried my skin with my towel. To my surprise also it didn’t cause me any rashes or allergies. It was then that I read the details from it’s box (hehehehehe). It was not just an ordinary soap it is a HEALTH SOAP. And as indicated in the directions it can also cure dandruff if used as shampoo regularly. I don’t have dandruff so I can’t attest to this one.

Its very good for PIMPLES I do have it every time my monthly visitor (menstruation) arrives. I tried rubbing a portion of the soap to my PIMPLES and left it overnight and in the morning my PIMPLES dried up. And every-time I have rashes I also do the same it suppresses the  itchiness.

I have friends who have tried this soap also and after a month their skin really lightened up. This is the soap that maintains my fair skin completion because I do not use glutathione products. To my surprise men also used it like my brothers, my dad and my boyfriend.

CARROT SOAP Formulation

Each 100g                      Contains

C40 H56                               0.4

Organic Additives                 0.3

Soap Base                             q.s.

It is DTI approved and Registered Industrial Design Intellectual Property Office (IPO)

A TIP this soap really leaves my skin dry that’s why I always see to it I moisturize my skin and face fairly well.

This product is available at:

  • HAIRS & NAILS SALON & SPA branches (Gen. Santos City, Marbel City, Davao City and soon Tagum City)
  • ENVY ME SALON & SPA (Gen. Santos and Davao City)
  • EXPRESSION SALON (Cagayan de oro City & Iligan City)

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