how I put my simple everyday make-up

For working girls and students a simple make-up is a must for them or US to look gorgeous.

A wrong impression of make-up is that it makes girls or woman look unnatural or that it makes them look different. If your impression for make-up is still like this then you haven’t seen a true and simple make-up maybe your image for make-up is that of a clown and that of a beauty pageant.

Make-up has a lot of categories. The first category I’m going to share is the EVERYDAY SIMPLE MAKE-UP. Here it goes

First, clean and wash your face. A dirty face is a NO no girls. Wash your face with your favorite facial wash (for me I’m hiyang with PONDS)

Second, put on a good make up base. Im saying a make-up base but I’m not referring to professional make-up base. For me, I use my facial moisturizer as my make-up base. I also use a moisturizer with a sunblock.

Third, Foundation or powder look and shop around girls every department store in town has a make up section and all of them have ladies who can help you find the perfect foundation for your skin tone. In shopping for one NEVER try it in your hands because the skin tone in your hands is totally different form your face. Go see it for your self (look at the mirror and see the difference)

Fourth, Some days I put eyeshadow in other days I don’t. I just go with the flow of what i feel. So the fourth step for me is the eyeliner. I have a big eyes so I put black liner.

Fifth, BLUSH!!! 🙂 for my everyday use I use a BRONZER as my blush I like the effect of my bronzer to my cheeks. In putting on blush you have to SMILE then look for the apple of your cheeks. Now do not put on BLUSH in CIRCULAR motion you are NOT a CLOWN!! the motion should be “out to in” from the edge of your ears to the apple of your cheeks. Now for me since i have a round face i put blush underneath my cheekbones to give an illusion dimension of a smaller face.

Sixth, Lipstick I choose a shade that is near to my lips color so that it will appear natural and just have that shimmery look like that of a gloss. In putting on lipstick start at the edge of your lips inwards. If you smudge or exceed your lips just wipe it away.

Seven and the last for my simple make up process I put on Mascara. Curl your lashes and then to complete your make-up slash on a mascara.

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