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Recently I came across a TIP from my iphone application about make-up CONCEALERS.

Here are some of them:

  1. For a natural look, apply CONCEALER after you’ve applied foundation. This way you don’t end up applying too much, since your foundation will cover most of the discolorations first.
  2. To get a perfect match every time, mix a drop of your foundation into your CONCEALER before applying
  3. Apply a touch of loose powder into your CONCEALER before applying it. This will keep it from creasing later in the day. You’ll find you’ll also need less product.
  4. For dark blue under eyes circles, make sure your CONCEALER is on the peach side, to calm down blue tones.
  5. For gray under eye circles, make sure your CONCEALER is on the pink side, to calm down gray.
  6. Too creamy CONCEALER? apply it with the tips of your fingers so that the heat of your hand melts the product
  7. Double darkness under your eyes? do a double application, take your CONCEALER and apply lightly, then a layer of foundation, then a layer of concealer on top of that.
  8. Press with kleenex to press out extra oils of the the CONCEALER and then put powder.

make-up concealer
MAC concealer, MAYBELLINE mineral foundation and Body Shop Brush

Here’s my before and after look using my MAC CONCEALER and MAYBELLINE MINERAL FOUNDATION. I use tip #3 I apply a touch of MAYBELLINE MINERAL FOUNDATION into my MAC CONCEALER before I apply it.


make-up concealer

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