my MAKE-UP for a wedding

Today a good friend of mine will tie the knot. For a fashionista like me this means a semi formal outfit thus, a dress and a good simple yet elegant make-up to match it with. I recently bought a dress from a friend’s garage sale-a red knee high length dress. This is my favorite semi formal dress these days.

Today I choose to do a “no make-up look” make-up or better known as “natural look.” This means a brown and natural color eyeshadow. And a very clean and smooth base foundation.

My make-up steps today:

First, I wash my face with my PONDS facial wash

Then, I evenly put my make-up base a B.B, cream with SPF which i recently bought from La Core Salon in Davao (a korean base salon)

Next I put on my TRANSLUCENT foundation  SKIN 79 B.B. powder, which at first will appear very pale in my skin but in time it will eventually blend in to my skin tone, this also I bought from La Core recently and I’m loving it since then. So, my advice to you girls who are also using or will use a translucent kind of powder do your make-up at least an hour or two prior to the event your going to.

Using the LOREAL matt dark brown shade and an eyebrow brush I draw a half moon semi curve and traced my already shaped eyebrows.

I applied a light LOREAL eyeshadow that will serve as my eyeshadow base. Then a peach color shadow all over my eyelid. Then I choose a medium brown shimmery shadow to the crease of my eyelid and blended it. This technique is also known as the half moon technique. This gives an illusion of a deep seated eyes.

Then my MAC black eye liner that will make my eyes look small.

Then my MAC BRONZER as my blush. I smiled and located the apples of my cheeks then from the edge of my ears in wards I lightly stroked my BODY SHOP BRUSH. To give a smaller face illusion I put a light stroke of blush at the edge of my cheek bones.

To match with my little red dress I put on a MAYBELLINE Water Shine Pure BLOODY RED shade lipsticks.

To finish my look for the wedding I curled my lashes then put on my MAYBELLINE waterproof BLACK MASCARA.

And oh before I forget I sprayed by Make-up FIXER- ETUDE HOUSE which allows my make-up to LAST longer and gives my face a fresh feeling.

Of course with my make-up done I needed to fix my hair also. I was running late so I sort of harassed my ENVY ME SALON staff at Robinsons to do my hair quickly (hehehehehe) In order for me to finish in time they did my hair STRAIGHT. And here is the RESULT!!! 🙂


My friend Elaine Panlaque met me at Envy Me Salon Robinsons and we also fetched Eireen and Kath. Before arriving to the church Elaine told me the tragic news that the mother of the groom pass away last night. OH NO!!! 🙁 I was so sad for my friend Fenella because your wedding day suppose to be the happiest day of your life. But it was her mother-in-law’s last wish that the wedding should go on, and so they did. We arrived at the church just in time and I felt the tension and mixed emotions of the people around. We don’t know what to feel either be very happy for the PERFECT couple or feel SYMPATHY. But they both handled it well and was composed all through out the ceremony. The crying started at the end when the newly weds came to thank their witnesses.

The reception followed and it was also handled well and quickly but completely. I even got the bouquet (hehehehehe) I tried my best to hide from the bride when she was roll calling 5 of her single friends but to no use. The MC made us pick 5 small bouquet and sadly I got the ONE! hehehehe I went along with the game for FUN. The game didn’t took long. At the reception we all flock in the PHOTO BOTH that the couple provided. They provided hats, masked, wigs and wacky shades. We all were cam whoring and had FUN posing. This is a new and a great way of giving wedding give aways. Photo Booth was from FOTOPIMP.

I also met my friend and fellow blogger JINKY BORELA who is also the cousin of the grooms mother.

For the couple FENELLA and BUNSOY congratulations and BEST WISHES!!.. GOD has his plan and though you do not understand his reasons TODAY in the future you look back to this event and will realize that this fitted perfectly in GOD’s perfect PLAN for you both… you are PERFECT for each other, just LOVE one another UNCONDITIONALLY.. and FEN, I’m always here- WE are always here for you…




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