Hair Gloss Treatment

silky shinny hair gloss treatment

What is HAIR GLOSS Treatment?

The real HAIR GLOSS TREATMENT is a cellophane treatment for the hair by L’oreal. HAIR GLOSS Treatments coats the hair with semi permanent color that will leave hair silky, smooth and shiny. If your hair has a color already and just wants a treatment to make it shine their is a HAIR GLOSS TREATMENT for it too.

Other Salons offer “HAIR GLOSS TREATMENT” that promises clients of a STRAIGHT and SHINNY hair. These salons just uses the TERM “HAIR GLOSS TREATMENT” but what they really do is HAIR RELAX or HAIR STRAIGHTENING.  Be cautious in salons like this. HAIR GLOSS just supposed to be a treatment for the hair to enrich the color and makes it silky and shiny. It can not straightened the hair.

The only salon service that can straighten the hair are: HAIR RELAX, HAIR STRAIGHTENING, and HAIR REBONDING.

Time to be cautious when hairstylist do these:

  • When the service cost extremely low and they promise a straight “like-rebonded” hair.
  • Prepares a sticky solution usually brownish color (these is relaxing cream)
  • Puts powder into your scalp (some salons still do this, this is to prepare for hair relaxing treatment to protect the scalp from the very strong relaxing cream)
  • Covers you with a large plastic (some salons use large thick plastic to catch the dripping relaxing cream and not touch the skin because it can cause burned skin)

glossy shinny silky smooth hair treatment

It is not a sin to ask questions to hairstylist and ask them the brand of products they are going to use to treat your hair.

The next time you go to salons be aware and be sure that it is the real HAIR GLOSS TREATMENT.

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