Body Shop Blush Brush

Make up BRUSH

My BODY SHOP BLUSH BRUSH has been my make-up buddy for almost 4 years now. It never lets me down. I can use it for various purposes.

Here are the reasons why I LOVE my  BODY SHOP BLUSH BRUSH:

  • Extremely SOFT bristles
  • Handy
  • I use it to put BLUSH ON
  • I also use it to put my MAYBELLINE MINERAL FOUNDATION
  • I also use it to put my MAC BRONZER
  • I also use it to clean my face with my PONDS FACIAL WASH at the same time clean the brush also
  • No tangles
  • No odd odor
  • Retractable
  • Very Flexible
  • Has a round-shaped head which makes blending easily

Yes, it’s a little pricey but hey any known MAKE-UP ARTIST will always tell you INVEST on a GOOD QUALITY BRUSH. I can vouch for it’s superb quality, it won’t last this long (4 years) if it’s not.

I clean my BODY SHOP BLUSH BRUSH by using it to spread my PONDS FACIAL WASH while washing my face. In doing this I feel like I’m having my FACIAL right inside my comfort room. Plus, I’m heating two birds in one stone I clean my face and my brush at the same time. This trick was taught to me by my sister KAYE GARCIA.

BODY SHOP BLUSH BRUSH rating a perfect 10.


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