FANNY SERRANO look & learn MAKE-UP Seminar

July 21, 2010 A look & learn MAKE-UP seminar with FANNY SERRANO was conducted by NATASHA at Paseo del Sol. Make-up artist, Hairstylist and Salon owners from all over Socsargen gathered to learn and improve their crafts.

look and learn make-up seminar by FANNY SERRANO

The look & learn make-up seminar started around 1:30 in the afternoon. FANNY SERRANO one of the Philippines Beauty guru and TOP make-up artist spend his time to share and teach us his “trade secrets.”  FANNY SERRANO does make-up for the MEGA star SHARON CUNETA, KC CONCEPTION and LORNA TOLENTINO among others.

FANNY SERRANO now has his own line of make-up and it is carried and sold by NATASHA and is also available in all SM Department stores. FANNY SERRANO make-up line is not only sold here in the Philippines but Internationally as well. An Internationally competitive make-up line product but sold in a very Filipino friendly price is what FANNY SERRANO envisioned and so he did.

Backed up by his 45 years of experience in the beauty and make-up industry FANNY SERRANO intricately made his make-up line. Finding a great chemist that can deliver my demands and needs for the perfect make-up combination was very hard and crucial, Fanny said. But eventually he found one.

FANNY SERRANO did a step by step make-up for 3 lady models and 1 man. First he did a day time bridal wedding make-up, then a evening make up and a smokey eyes make-up.  He’s hands works really fast but he slowed it down for us to see and learn step by step. He also made sure that the camera man focuses on the right angle so that participants from the back can see. He did all the talking and the whole 4 plus hours was not boring.

He made us laugh I over heard someone saying, “FUNNY talaga si FANNY.” He also shared his experiences as a make-up artist and salon owner and also even shared tips and advices to run our salon business. What made the crowed silent was when he honestly and with out holding anything back told the “gay” of the BAD practices in the salons and that they must CHANGE. I felt the tension in the crowed and that it struck them in a way. He also gave them advices on how to take care of their finances and that they must not give all their money to their “papa” or “boyfriends.” But then again he quickly changed the mood and throw punch lines here and there that made the crowd burst into laughter.

In the end we were given certificates signed by FANNY SERRANO and NATASHA branch managers.

look and learn make-up seminar by FANNY SERRANO

To discuss further the things I learned, I will do a separate post on all the MAKE-UP tips I gathered from this LOOK & LEARN MAKE-UP SEMINAR by FANNY SERRANO.

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