I’ve been using 3w solution BB cream for a month now. It feels very light in my face and I can see that my face is glowing. Since I’m a MAYBELLINE user girl I decided to buy and try MAYBELLINE’s BB CREAM to match my MAYBELLINE MINERAL FOUNDATION.


As always MAYBELLINE brought out the beauty in me. It’s a perfect combination to my MAYBELLINE MINERAL FOUNDATION. In putting on MAYBELLINE BB CREAM I instantly saw the difference, it lightens and smoothens my skin and sometimes I don’t need to put on my concealer because it already did the job.

MAYBELLINE BB CREAM also serves as my day time moisturizer. I love it because it has SPF 26 (Sun Protection Factor). Base on a blog I read the number 26 signifies the intensity of the sun protection. For example you are expose to the sun, your skin will have 26 minutes of protection before you get suburn (source:ย HERE)

MAYBELLINE make up moisturizer

I also love the packaging because it fits my kikay kit fairly well.

MAYBELLINE BB CREAM Rating= 9 out of 10

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