I was introduced to FANNY SERRANO COSMETICS during the LOOK & LEARN MAKE-UP SEMINAR with FANNY SERRANO by NATASHA. Fanny used his cosmetic line in doing the make-up of his models during the seminar.

I had a close look experience on how to use FANNY SERRANO products by no other than FANNY SERRANO himself.

fanny serrano cosmetics and make up

FANNY SERRANO CONCEALERS are “magnetically magical.” Magnetic because Fanny said it’s function is make the foundation or powder attach to the skin and clings on to it just like magnets. And of course it gives total coverage to blemished skin. Plus it has vitamin E, UV protection and oil-control.During the seminar Fanny picked ladies among the participants with different skin color to the stage to teach what shade of concealer fit their skin tone. I was luckily one of them. FANNY SERRANO CONCEALERS have three (3) available shades: SAND, WALNUT and CHESTNUT.  For my skin tone a combination of SAND and WALNUT compliments my skin perfectly. (PHOTO SOURCE)

fanny serrano cosmetics

After the seminar I bought my very own FANNY SERRANO CONCEALERS. Of course SAND and WALNUT shades it is way more affordable than the usual make-up I buy and this make me wear a big grin. And ALAS when I started using it I discovered something more to love about this product. It has a sweet scent.

I love this product for multiple reasons. It is very thin (you can hardly feel it), very affordable (less than P300 each), blends really well to skin, has no oily feel, easily spreads (it is just like putting on lotion), do not dry up easily, very accessible to buy in all NATASHA dealers  and it’s hip and modern packaging.

I’m not done yet. It’s also MAGICAL why? it is WATER PROOF!!! FANNY SERRANO after putting on concealer and cake foundation sprays his models face with WATER then wipe it out with facial tissue. Then shows us the damp facial tissue that has no trace of make-up not even a tiny bit.


FANNY SERRANO COSMETICS review 9 out out 10.

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