my FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 experience


It is my first time to experience FIFA WORLD CUP worldwide phenomenon experience and the thrill it brings. And no better way to share it with the person who influence me to like “football” or “soccer” my soccer fanatic boyfriend, Emmanuel and my crazy good friend Chattee Lara. (hehehehehe) It is SPAIN vs NETHERLANDS final FIFA WORLD CUP game.

It was a very long day for us since we started the day in a road trip going to Tagum for the Grand Launching and Fashion Show of Hairs & Nails Tagum branch. I played the host, Emman’s role was the sound changing and monitoring and Chattee became the impromptu official Photographer.

Before entering the bar Chattee and I made SPAIN flag face paint using my 180 pcs eyeshadow palette . At first we thought we will look dumb with our SPAIN flag face paint. Entering the bar we felt the lively ambiance at DRAFT PICK SPORTS BAR.  And to our surprise the bar was full of people who also supports SPAIN they wore shirt, jersey and also painted SPAIN’s flag on their face . When they saw us their faces lit and even gave us “paella” and “spanish sausage.”

The game was very intense and yellow cards were flying here and there. Ball possession for both teams are fast and there was a lot of failed GOALS. Everyone felt the tension and eyes were all in the wide screen LCD tv. And breath are held back every time their is a near GOAL attempt. And finally at the 2nd over time the WINNING GOAL from SPAIN’s ANDRES INIESTA sealed SPAIN’s 1st WORLD CUP title.

It was a very unforgettable morning. Thank you Emmanuel and Chattee. Love you both!!

VIVA!! viva ESPAÑA!! ole ole ole ole!!!!

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