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I really can’t remember how and when “gandaeversomuch,” Orman Manansala and me became really close. As I was formulating my entry for this BLOG-VERSARY CONTEST FINALE  I can’t help but list down all the things we both LOVE. Maybe just maybe I can pin point the reason why we “click” really well and instantly became super friends. In the criteria we must choose one BEST experience or encounter with his royal Gness Orman Manasala but I can’t choose one because every encounter and every experience I get to share with him exceeds the other, so I decided to list them ALL down. Here is my list: “GANDA EVER SO MUCH,” his royal Gness (as i call him) ORMAN MANANSALA and ME LOVES

orman manansala blog

BEAUTY: every year he spear heads the BEST BEAUTY PAGEANTS not only here in GENSAN but also in SOUTHERN MINDANAO. These are the Lakan at Lakambini, Miss Gensan, Queen of  Festivals in Southern Mindanao and Body Fest.

ganda ever so much
anghel sa lupa nahuhumaling ka... (ang totoong mga anghel wala sa entablado)

FOOD: we LOVE food we carry big smiles whenever their are PLURKFIESTA, OPENINGS, PARTIES etc…  our LOVE for FOOD blossomed even more when PIYESTA KTV & RESTOBAR came. In his blogs he talks about his gastronomic experiences and he knows very well where to find the BEST FOOD not only in our home town, GENSAN but also in DAVAO and CAGAYAN DE ORO.

ganda ever so much orman manansala
cutie cute cute tsup tsup tsup 🙂 *wink*

PHOTOGRAPHY: armed with our Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX3 camera we love taking photos. He also took Basic Photography Workshops to enhance his photographic skills that will greatly help his BLOG POST. This so far one of the best photo I have depicting his love for photography. Caught in the act …??? ” cguro lalaking talangka kinukunan niya”.

ganda ever so much
Title: Ang Mahal Kong Dugong sa Lupa (lead role: ORMAN MANANSALA)

LOVE AND DEVOTION TO GOD AND STO.NIÑO: We both are Sto. Niño devotees we express our love for the little God by joining novenas, by actively participating in our church activities and experiencing SINULOG in Cebu. Orman Manansala takes seriously his deep faith and devotion for our GOD the father.

orman manansala blog
Title: Oh! DYOS ko! Patawarin nyo po AKO! (release semana santa 2012)

our LOVE for DAVAO and SOCCKSARGEN BLOGGERS: We gained a lot of new friends (not that we need more). As the saying goes: The more the MERRIER. Through blogging Orman found an outlet to let out his emotions, desires and true self. Blogging broke the stereotype people think of Orman as a serious and high ranking BANKER because now he candidly write and share to the whole world his OUTRAGEOUS thoughts and desires. Blogging brought out the best in him. And did I mention he BLOGS everyday? every single day for a year now. Can you imagine how many thoughts, funny lines, treasured moments he kept inside his heart before he started blogging? Oh their must me a MILLION!!! 🙂 *wink* We both run to our teacher LYLE SANTOS for our blogs technical support. My Gness Orman Manansala is the reason why I’m inspired to BLOG everyday because I want to follow his steps.

orman manansala blog
pansinin ang parati naming magkagayang NGITI!!! 🙂 ever ready so much sa picturan TROPANG BLOGGERS

FUN, LAUGHING & JOKES: Orman is always the life of the party it’s not a real party with out him. Even when he is not feeling well he still manages to let out punch lines every now and then. He can formulate funny lines and jokes in a second. Never a dull moment when your with him, even in worst times he still manages to lighten up the moment with his wit and innate love of laughters.

orman manansala blog
ang OREMOS... unod bukog unod bukog.... si ORMAN nag guyod ug cart sa robinsons... intawon bangko ug tarpaulin ang sulod... ug diri sa isa ka litrato nag dala ug wheel baro... nag tripping tripping tripping tripping...

FAMILY: His love for his family is exceptional. Although Orman and Avel have the arguing chemistry just like Vice and Gladys their love and support for each other shines the brightest.

orman manansala blog
Kambal Sa Uma back-to-back Patayin Sa Sindak si Avel

PNOY: President Nonoy Aquino’s biggest FAN=Orman Manansala. He bluntly campaigned for him and supports his stand and principles. Their first meeting was EPIC and was witnessed by a lot of people.

orman manansala blog
tan-ta-ran-tan-tan HORRAY!!! hmmmm??? smootchy smootchy mabango bah si PNOY? ang sweet naman

ADVENTURE: The closes we could get to flying is through ZIP LINE. We both tried the extreme experience in zip linning at Davao Outland Adventure and boy we are in for the ride of our lives most especially “Jollibee ay Darna ay Orman pala” hihihihihihi!!!

orman manansala blog
it's a BIRD... It's a PLANE... NO... it's DARNA... (at ng malapit na talaga) ay mali pa din si JOLLIBEE pala 🙂 hihihihihi hindi lang pala magaling sa sayawan si JOBI nakakalipad din pala sya 🙂

DOGS: We both love our baby dogs. Orman’s CHAD and my YUWEI too bad they can’t be together (breed difference). As we speak Orman misses his baby “CHAD”very much. I got this photo from his FB page.

orman manansala blog

Life has been GREAT ever since I met and be friended the MANANSALA SISTERS. And my life will never ever be DULL and SILENT ever again. I love you to the highest level and with out any romantic attachement (hehehehehe) my royal Gness. I’m very honored and proud to be your friend. I look up to you both in business and blogging, you are my inspiration. Always know that Emman and Me are always here for you.

kikay much
BEAUTY and the BEST ganda ever so much and kikay much (hindi halatang idol ko sya hehehehe) gumaya ako sa MUCH much nya hehehehe

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