facial toner celeteque

CELETEQUE FACIAL TONER is one of my new facial friend. In my previous post NIGHTLY RITUAL I said I use PONDS FACIAL TONER. But I noticed that it’s a bit strong because I can’t open my eyes with out a stinging sensation.

I tried using my brother’s CELETEQUE FACIAL TONER and I read that it is ALCOHOL-FREE. CELETEQUE FACIAL TONER is with witch hazel extract it is derived from plant leaves it is anti-inflammatory; soothes and heals skin. It is also good for itchy skin.

CELETEQUE FACIAL TONER is also dermatologist tested, good for sensitive to dry skin (where I categorize my skin), non-comedogenic, hypo-allergenic and fragrance free.

I noticed in using CELETEQUE FACIAL TONER that it is more gentle and does not leave a very dry feeling in my face. And because it is fragrance free it is just like rubbing water in my face.

facial toner celeteque

TIP: apply toner in face and neck in upward strokes.

I now replaced my PONDS FACIAL TONER to CELETEQUE FACIAL TONER. And loving it.

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