Women especially the ones who do make-up everyday knows the importance of a long and curled lashes for an over all pretty look. Our lashes makes our eyes look good. If our lashes are long and properly curled you can go without eyeshadow and it gives a seductive look.

Eyelash curled

The average life span of our eyelashes is 150 days but with constant rubbing and eyelash curling with eyelash curlers can cause it to fall and regenerate new ones.

One of the services that salons are offering right now is the EYELASH PERMING.


Eyelash perming is a process done to the eyelash that will give it a curled look for 2 months or so depending on how you manage it. Say goodbye to that eyelash curlers one you’ve experience eyelash perming. A perfectly curled lashes all day and all night long. This process looks very great for some women who are blessed with long lashes but it also works well for those with shorter lashes too.

The process takes at least an hour or so. The idea is just like the idea when perming our hair. So, 1st process is to put in perming lotion then the little rod to the lashes and it will stay for a bout 30 minutes then a 2nd process with neutralizer to hold that curl for another 30 minutes.

How much is EYELASH PERMING?   P300 pesos only.

Eyelash Perming Kit
Eyelash Perming Kit

Eyelash Perming Process

Eyelash Perming by Trained Professional
taken at HAIRS & NAILS KCC smiling technician with client doing EYELASH PERMING


  • If planning to have an EYELASH PERMING do not put on mascara
  • through out the process all you have to do is lay down and close your eyes heck! you can even sleep. When you wake up wala! perfectly curled lashes
  • this can save you time from your daily make-up routine.
  • the EYELASH curl will last for a month or two depending on how you take care of it.
  • If the permed lash will fall out, they are replaced by straight lashes and the effect of perming disappears.
  • rubbing the lashes frequently can cause it to fall
  • not removing your eye make up before going to bed can cause damage to your lashes thus, they break or fall.
  • trauma this is cause by accidentally ripping your lashes out or worse get it burned.
  • poor diet can also cause hair thinning and eventually hair loss including eyelashes
  • it is best to have your eyelash permed by trained professionals

In Gensan, Marbel, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Iligan and Tagum this is available at:

ENVY ME SALONS are located at:
Robinsons Place General Santos City tel # (083) 554-2134
fronting NCCC Mall Matina Davao City tel # (082) 297-3459
Gaisano South Citimall Illustre Street Davao City tel # (082) 305-9318

HAIRS & NAILS SALONS are located at:
2nd level KCC Mall of GENSAN tel # (083) 301-4822
3rd floor KCC Mall of Marbel tel # (083) 228-9048
Tionko Bldg. Duterte Street (fronting Shakeys) Davao City tel # (082) 305-3401 or 225-0698

Gaisano Grand Tagum City

Expression Salon

and Gaisano Mall of Iligan tel # (063) 221-9883

Gaisano Mall Cagayan de oro City

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