I joined the LOOK & LEARN MAKE-UP SEMINAR of FANNY SERRANO by NATASHA last July 21, 2010. I learned a lot of MAKE-UP TIPS from the guru himself FANNY SERRANO. Armed with my Lumix lx3 camera, pen and notebook I wrote all the TIPS and “trade secret” FANNY SERRANO shared and took pictures as well.

For me as a Make-up Artist wannabe 🙂 I try to absorb and gather all the tips I can get to improve my “craft.” And of all the new things I learned I want to spread and share them with you.

Tools I saw FANNY SERRANO used and he said you must have are:

  • candy, mint, bubble gum
  • hand sanitizer
  • facial tissue
  • wet ones
  • cotton buds
  • johnsons baby oil
  • twiser
  • water gun
  • towel
  • head band
  • gown (like malong for client that will use tube top gown to cover their neck with make-up as well)
  • brush set
  • sponge (Fanny uses SEA WEED sponge)


  • Practice, practice, practice – Fanny Serrano when he was just starting he shared that he used to practice in a piece of paper stick on the wall and he draw eyes, eyebrows and nose then imagine that it is the face of the client. Make-up artist are like painters but their canvass are faces.
  • Exercise your hands – to make it flexible, light and soft. Like pianist they warm their fingers up to make it flexible and soft.
  • Hand Sanitizer – alcohol can make your hands dry according to Fanny. Before he always use alcohol to clean his hands as a result it’s dry and looks older than the other skin of his body.
  • Know your client – you must also know a little about your client her lifestyle and  the way she presents herself so that your make-up will compliment her perfectly.
  • SPEED – respect your clients time. They have parties, shows, and weddings to attend to. Compute the time allowance you do the make-up and the time your client suppose to arrive to the party or wedding.
  • Blending – make-up is all about blending. Different colors must not have any demarkation line. Color should compliment each other.
  • BRUSHES – invest on good quality brush set
  • CONTOUR – contour using foundation NOT blush
  • CLEAN – clean foundation remnants brush eyebrows before drawing with the eyebrow pencil. Make sure brushes are always clean.
  • TEST – try the eyeshadow at the back of your palm first. Painter use palette to mix paint color MUA use the back of their palm. 🙂
  • Put concealer and foundation up until hair line, ears, neck and side of nose
  • Use old angled brush to put mascarra to the base of the eyelash
  • If eyes get teary use cotton buds to release the tears.
  • After putting on eyebrow pencil brush it to eliminate pencil look
  • Sharpen eyebrow pencil shaped like chisel so that it’s thin and wider

make up tips from FANNY SERRANO

  • Use colorless mascarra to stroke eyebrow hair
  • In putting make-up start small and then just add bit by bit. It is better to add than erase a make-up.


  • Learn and find a great concealer and foundation that will fit you or your client perfectly. Eyeshadows go for any color
  • Put eyeliner starting from the outer corner of eyelid
  • Put gloss at the center of lips only
  • Focus on cheek bones to lift sagging looking face.

FANNY SERRANO “MAGNET” CONCEALER is WATER PROOF He sprays water after putting on concealer and cake foundation to have a fresh looking face. (see my post review on FANNY SERRANO CONCEALER HERE)


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