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I’m going to share to you very useful applications I have in my iPhone. This is for all the kikay’s out there.

iphone application useful tips

iphone application beauty tips


This Application has a wide array of TIPS from Health and Diet, Relationships, Beauty, Culture and Travel. I found these tips very useful and have also used some of it in my previous posts.

iphone application tips in beauty


This Application gives practical TIPS mostly in Skin care, Make-ups and a little bit in Nails and Hairs. These application gives me new knowledge in make-up and skin tips.

make over iphone application

I Stylist Make-Over 2.0

This Application lets you do a make-over of yourself. You just have to choose a photo and you can change hair styles, hair color, hair cut and even add hats and shades. I use it if i want to see if a certain look or hairstyle will fit me well.

fashion application in iphone

fashion iphone application

iSTYLE  Fashion on the go

I love this application mainly because I love dressing up. If I’m too lazy to do a dress up session with myself all I do is play with this application. I also use this to find certain things that I may use or I should have in my closet.

iphone application make up

iMake-up Unlimited

I use this application to record all my existing make-up. This is useful when I happen to do un planned make-up shopping because I have a record of make-up’s I still have and not buy the same product.

iphone application game

iphone application game

Sally Salon

I use to play this in my laptop. And now I have it on mobile. Every time I get bored or do nothing I play this game.

iphone application game

iphone application game

Sally Spa

Same goes for this application I used to play it before in my laptop and now I can play it more conveniently. Although this is just a game this gives me a new insight in how to improve our Salon and Spa business.

I hope I can find more applications with tips in beauty and make-up. But so far I’m enjoying these applications. Give them a try.

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