I’m going  to share my NIGHTLY BEAUTY RITUAL. And the products I use and the reason why I love them.

I use Maybelline Make Up Remover. I love this product because it takes away my heaviest make-up easily. No awful odor and the oiliness is just right for the make-up to slip away. I just need a small amount and wala! off the make up goes.

make up remover

After removing my make-up I wash my face with my favorite and only product that will not cause pimples to my face- PONDS FACIAL WASH. I use clear solutions anti-bacterial facial scrub. I love the tiny beads that acts as the scrub. It leaves my face clean and white.

Ponds Facial clear Solutions anti bacterial scrub

After that I use PONDS oil solution pore conditioning TONER. I recently use toner because I can see even after the make-up remover and the facial wash some dirt and make-up are still left behind. Although it has a biting feeling it does not leave my face too dry and haven’t cause any pimples for me.

Ponds oil solution toner

After all that the most important part is my MOISTURIZER. I’m using CELETEQUE Facial moisturizer. I love the cool feeling of it in my face. It is water base so it’s not yucky oily. The moisturizer easily sips into my skin. I love the smooth feeling after I put it on.

facial moisturizer

Then off to dream land.

That’s my nightly ritual. It also varies because some days I don’t put on make-up. Some days I also don’t use toner I just proceed to the moisturizer. One thing I learn recently moisturize, moisturize and moisturize. Find the perfect moisturizer for you it will give WONDERS to your skin. And Oh! i recently bought GARNIER Brightening Eye Roll-On I added it to my nightly ritual let’s see if it will do wonders to my black under eyes.

garnier eye roll

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