Fashion Trend LAYERING

A comfortable but very stylish trend in FASHION especially during rainy season or winter is LAYERING clothes. I love the rainy season because it gives me an excuse to wear my boots and LAYER my clothes.

layering and vest clothes

In LAYERING clothes experiment and color match them. Look at your closet and scan for old clothes you used to love then LAYER it with new finds. In your free time explore your closet and do a dress or outfit rehearsal. I do it sometimes (hehehehehe). You will be surprised in what you find in your very own closet.

LAYERING clothes can reveal your unseen talent and creativeness in clothes and color mix matching. Go try it sometimes, it will be fun. Do it with your friend or sister.

old clothes in closet new find

I recently discovered by watching myself in the mirror that through LAYERING CLOTHES I look thinner and taller. It gives an illusion of a longer body especially if I use my long vest. I’m gifted with a bootylicious “ass” (hehehehehe) so it helps that I choose a longer layer to also cover it.

I also think we can pull off LAYERING clothes even during summer time.  Of course layer thin, sleeveless and spaghetti stap apparel.

So, what do you think? comment for suggestions and more information and tips I know you have one everyone has one in LAYERING clothes. hehehehehe

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