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I had my ARMPIT WAXED yesterday at ENVY ME SALON & SPA, Robinsons Place Gensan. Their are a lot of HAIR REMOVAL methods now a days. The very common method used in SALONS & SPA is the HOT WAX using EPILIN WAX HAIR REMOVER.

HOT WAX HAIR REMOVAL is where a wax is heated with just the right temperature. When the wax reached it’s right texture and temperature it will be carefully put and spread in the armpit or legs. The wax easily dries up and that’s your que to remove it. In removing the wax the hair attached to it will also be pulled out. So, for first timers brace yourself for this PAINFUL part.

The effectiveness of this kind of HAIR REMOVAL METHOD depends on the right timing, the temperature, the placing and then the removal. If the EPILIN WAX is put in the armpit or legs when it is too hot it can result to skin burn and can cause armpit darkening. But if done the right way the EPILIN WAX can also remove the 1st layer dry skin that causes skin darkening. Deodorant residue can sometimes cause armpit skin darkening but with constant HOT WAXING it can slowly remove that residue.

I like having my HOT WAXING using EPILIN WAX HAIR REMOVER because it slows the hair growth in my armpit area. And not just that the strand of the new hair growth THINS.

I have tried SHAVING (very easy but it thickens the hair ), COLD WAX (takes a very long time to finish) and PLUCKING (had my stiff neck). The best HAIR REMOVAL method for me is HOT WAXING using EPILIN WAX HAIR REMOVER.

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