Find your HAIRSTYLE Ladies Edition

We go to our favorite Salons for a Haircut almost once a month. And their comes a time when we want a totally different look. It’s either we are bored with our HAIRSTYLE or we just want a change. Here are some of the photos I gathered to help you decide on what HAIRSTYLE you want. Find a look or HAIRSTYLE you would love to have and then consult your hairstylist if it will fit you.

Take note if you want to go over the edge make sure you are still comfortable with the HAIRSTYLE you chose. And your HAIRSTYLE should also be base on your lifestyle, personality, work, profession and facial shape.

For medium to long length hairs here are LAYERED HAIRSTYLES you can choose from.

hairstyles for ladies

For ladies with LONG & CURLY HAIR here’s for you.

long curly hair

For ladies who love their HAIR SHORT. Here are some celebrities with their SHORT FASHIONABLE HAIRSTYLES.

ladies short hairstyles barber cut

hairstyles from celebrities

Asymmetric HAIRSTYLES (short on one side and long in the other side) are “IN” just like that of PINK. Gone are the STRAIGHT Cut hair. YES, they still exist but once KOREAN Fashion and K-POP invaded the Philippines and captured our attention Filipinos embraced the asymmetric HAIRSTYLES. Sometimes this kind of HAIRCUT if you are not really into Fashion you would think it was a HAIRCUT gone wrong. These HAIRSTYLES if styled properly is a major head turner.

short hairstyles

For LONG STRAIGHT HAIR here are some HAIRSTYLES for you. And BANGS are coming back also. Their are straight cut bangs and also asymmetric cut bangs. So go and explore your options ladies.

long silky straight hairstyles

I will do a separate post for MEN HAIRSTYLES.

Photos curtesy of iphone application HAIRCUT ENVI GROUPS

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