Manicure, Pedicure and Foot SPA

salon in gensan salon in davao

Pamper yourself with a weekly MANICURE, PEDICURE & FOOT SPA at your favorite Salons. For me, I have my MANICURE & PEDICURE every week or every other week. Nothing beats a relaxing MANICURE & PEDICURE experience while reading a book or magazine. My favorite manicurist is “BELLA” of ENVY ME SALON, Robinsons Place Gensan.

FOOT SPA is another whole new experience also. At first I was a bit shy to let the manicurist scrub my foot and legs, legs?..  YES!,  legs because at ENVY ME SALON the FOOT SPA service is not only concentrated on the FOOT. Their FOOT SPA service includes the legs. The Manicurist will soak your foot at the FOOT SPA machine while doing your MANICURE then scrub your foot and legs with ST. IVES APRICOT SCRUB.

So, a word of advice if you would like to go have your FOOT SPA wear shorts or a bit loose pants so that the manicurist would not have a hard time. But hey don’t worry if your trip to the salon is unplanned and you have that fit pants on because ENVY ME SALON has a shorts dedicated for clients like you.

Then comes my not so favorite part the scrubbing of the foot with foot pile to scrub off the build up callus. As for me I don’t have a lot of callus so I ask my manicurist to skip this part (hehehehehe) because of another reason also it tickles me (shhhhhhhh).

Build a good relationship with your manicurist like I do for a great MANICURE, PEDICURE & FOOT SPA experience.

salon in gensan salon in davao

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