NiNA’s Fashion

Last August 28, 2010 NINA came to GENSAN for her NINA LIVE in GENSAN Concert. My Restobar is one of the sponsors for the said event.

NINA was supposed to dine for lunch at PIYESTA KTV & RESTOBAR at 12noon but she was tired from last nights gig and slept instead but her band came and dined. Even though she did not eat she still came and signed our wall and she was game for picture taking. That’s so very nice of her to go out of her way for us.

concert fashion of NIÑA

I immediately noticed her smooth, flawless and white skin. When she saw me she had that signature smile on and presented her hand for a hand shake saying “Hi!, Hello!!.” I was star struck! 🙂  Her songs made a huge influence as i was growing up and discovering love.

Now on to NINA’s Fashion. I love her fashion sense. She arrived in Gensan wearing a white blouse, shorts, and a light brown long vest for layer. She changed her shorts to long faded jeans when she went to our Resotbar before going to the concert venue for sound check.

During the concert NINA totally changed her fashion style fit for the title ASIA’s SOUL SIREN. She wore a skin tone, venus cut, beaded and gold-sequenced blouse and a black high waist mini skirt. Her outfit is perfect for her petite, slender and sexy body. She also complimented it with her gold and silver bangle bracelet and a cute “SEXY” ring. She completed her outfit with a gold strappy heels.

concert fashion by asia's soul siren nina

We enjoyed her performance listening to her classic love songs. I found myself reminiscing. She entertained the crowed with her high pitched soft voice nailing those high tones with poise and grace. I love NINA and I will be watching her again for the upcoming SESSIONISTA LIVE in GENSAN concert this coming September 10, 2010.

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