MAC Lipliner

I was recently given a MAC Lipliner and it is just now that I realize the magic it brings to your lips. I know of Lipliners existence and I have one but it’s color do not fit me well. With my new MAC Lipliner Chicory the color blends in to my lips as if I’m not wearing any lipstick or lipliner. I love the illusion it gives of a pouty lips.

Mac Make-up Products

Compared to my last Lipliner MAC Lipliner is perfect because one light stroke and wala!!! perfect line. It is just like a color pencil and I’m drawing an outline on my lips.

MAC Lipliner Chicory has a brownish reddish color reflect and it’s just perfect for my fair complexion.

Now, my everyday look is not complete with out putting on MAC Lipliner Chicory first before putting my MAC lipstick.

Grab your Lipliner ladies and show your seductive pouty lips look.

my MAC lipliner make-up

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