It’s the time of the year again the most delicious FESTIVAL in the Philippines- GENSAN’s TUNA FESTIVAL. Just in time for this festive season I got my NAIL ART at ENVY ME SALON & SPA at Robinsons Place Gensan. I told my staff to theme my NAIL ART in the up coming TUNA FESTIVAL so she made me cute fishes.

Nail Art Fish

Well let’s talk about TUNA FESTIVAL this years festival was moved to September 18 to 26 to make it more grand and a one month long celebration. Their are a lot of events to look forward to spear headed by our very beautiful ganda ever so much festival director ORMAN MANANSALA.

Gensan tuna festival logo

For me I’m always looking forward to MISS GENSAN

Miss gensan

And alas! this year it will be more interesting with the birth of MR. GENSAN (wohhhoooo) 🙂

mr gensan

I always look forward for the grand and hip production numbers directed by no less than DINO VELOSO. As a self proclaimed fassionista and  learning make up artist I’m excited to see make ups done by our local and very talented make up artists. They transform timid young girls to the beautiful, confident, beauty queens that they truly are. This is an event you shouldn’t miss.

There are a lot of other events to look forward too. Theirs the AL FRESCO SAHIMI NIGHT (my event), Cheer Dance Competition, Fish dance Hip Hop Competition, Gensan Pop Idol, Mardi Gras and more.

Here are the list of activities.

Tunafest Schedule as of September 9, 2010

So come and visit us here! WHOA! GENSAN! 🙂

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