I don’t want my hair to get wet at night when I wash my face. So what I do is wrap my hair with a bathroom towel and fold it neatly same as what they do in salons. I want to share to you HOW I FOLD MY BATHROOM TOWEL in order that my hair will not get wet.

towel folding for hair

So, here’s what I do.

I spread the towel.

I fold two inches of the towel which will serve as the lock later on.

I put the towel on my forehead the one with two inches fold is in the front part.

I tuck my hair inside the towel then twist it.

I will reach for the end of the towel and lock it in front where I have the two inch fold and

WALA!!! neatly folded bathroom towel with my hair tucked inside.

towel folding for hair

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