Tips during FESTIVALS

Here in the Philippines there are a lot of festivals all year round. And this September it is time for the most delicious festival in the Philippines the TUNA FESTIVAL of General Santos City. So, how can you maximize and enjoy each day you have in visiting Festivities.

Gensan tuna festival logo

  • RESEARCH know and research blogs and websites for the official schedule and line of activities one festival has to offer
  • KNOW what you WANT to SEE among all the list of activities pin point the ones you are interested to see or participate in
  • SUNBLOCK you will need this one when you want to watch street dancing which we here in the Philippines love to do during festivals
  • HAT find a handy dandy hat that will protect you from the scourging heat of the sun
  • WATER always have a bottle of water to hydrate yourself
  • SUN GLASSES of course be fashionable with your sun glasses so that you will look good on photos
  • CAMERA never forget your camera it is the only thing you can bring home with you to document all the fun you have. Take a lot of photos.
  • VITAMINS arm yourselves with vitamins C to to make you feel good while enjoying the festivities
  • BE OPEN TO NEW EXPERIENCES you go to festivals to other countries or places to see and experience new things and activities you haven’t done.
  • HAVE FUN enjoy each moment
  • EAT, EAT, EAT TUNA FESTIVAL is not known to be the most delicious festival in the Philippines for nothing…. a FRESH TUNA is very delicious and very HEALTHY!!! 🙂

Your  TUNA FESTIVAL EXPERIENCE will NOT be complete without attending the up coming


this Saturday September 25, 2010

Dubbed as TUNA at TUNOG the organizer (yours truly) has prepared a jam-packed entertainment of



KUERDAS BAND, BLACKDIZE, IZEK’s QUEST and TRAFFIC JAM and DJ JERI FUNK from Dubai, DJ JBUGS, and DJ YOUNG GENZ to give us the BEAT for the night.

for a very affordable priced ticket of P150 you will get one FREE San Mig LIGHTS and…..

SASHIMI ALL YOU CAN!!!!!! (while supply last)

PLUS: FOOD BOOTHS will also be there to SELL their one night SPECIAL TUNA MENU

Participating BOOTHS are: Grab-a-Crab, Bigby’s, JUNJI, Piyesta Ktv & Restobar, Giacominos, BigBen and Jam’s

and PACIFIC SEAS will also be there if you want to take home TUNA products and cook it yourself.

Don’t miss the FUN be there!!!!

Tickets are SOLD at PIYESTA KTV & RESTOBAR (083) 554-2139 , ENVY ME SALON & SPA (083) 554-2134 (Robinsons Place Gensan)

and HAIRS & NAILS SALON & SPA (083) 301-4822 (KCC Mall of GENSAN)

gensan sashimi nigth

Here’s the official theme song “WHOA GENSAN” for TUNA FESTIVAL from the very talented and Gensan’s pride CENTERPOINT BAND and a superb video from RISP (Royale Iris Studio Productions)

Come and visit General Santos City “GENSAN” this TUNA FESTIVAL.

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