Asap Sessionista is combination of the most sought after Philippine singers. Their collaboration is fusion of all music genre is just exemplary.

So you have Richard Poon, who genre is the 80’s, the oldies but the goodies. His style is more on preppy and formal but with a touch of rockstar look. He looks hot whatever he has on 🙂

Philippine Celebrity Fashion

Duncan, who is the most flexible he can hit the r&b genre and as well as the ballads with 5 years of experience together with South Border.  Duncan has his trade mark style with his bonnet and hat and his vest. He plays with combining hip hop style with formal and preppy.

Men Hip Hop Fashion

Aiza, who nails high notes but maintains the acoustic feel and depth of her voice mix with emotions. She just loves her statement shirts. Her style is simple yet artistic.

Statement Shirt fashion

Juris, we all knew her from MYMP her unique and distinct angelic voice separates her from everyone, her rendition of the ballads and high notes is just heavenly.  She first went out with that long, big and curly hair and then changed into am up do hair style afterwards. In my own opinion I like her in an up do hairstyle because she looks mature with that long,big and curly hair. With a kind of voice like her which is just angelic I want her to go with up do hairstyle every time she has a concert.

Juris Fashion

Sitti, she was the first artist here in the Philippines to explore the bossa genre. Her sweet voice is the best for the Bossa feel. The girls went out with matching metallic studded dresses with black leggings. Then they went out individually with their own fashion styles. The third outfit was a match again for the three girls with their metallic lady gaga inspired modern dresses.

Bossa Sitti

Nina the soul siren. I just adore her. She has ZERO star complex. I also love her fashion sense. Be fitting for a diva but not too intimidating.

The last outfit Nina wore was a red sequenced red mini dress but at first it has that hideous extension looking like a curtain which made my eye sore but when she tore it off it made me clap and said (ahhhhhhhh).

Nina soul siren

Make-ups and hairstyles that night was also great. Fit for a concert and show of their caliber. Kudos to everyone behind Asap Sessionistas Live in Gensan concert.

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