Kikay is on SMILE

One of my ultimate dream came true this month and thanks to CEBU PACIFIC inflight magazine SMILE for making it come true. I’ve always found CEBU PACIFIC as my travel partner whenever I go around my country for vacation or business trips. And I’ve always read their inflight magazine SMILE.

SMILE magazine

And one of my favorite section is the places and the people who gives tips on where to dine, places to go, things to experience and local dialects which is very useful for tourist. During the flight you can browse to the place where you are about to go and read the tips that locals shared in order for you to have a great experience while staying in that place. It was one of my wildest dreams to be on that section and share a tip or two about my home town-GENSAN.

cebu pacific smile magazine

And to my surprise the opportunity came for me from a lovely friend, CATHY BOLODO who casually chatted with me and ask: hey, do you want to be on SMILE magazine? I instantly said: of course YES!. And that was five or six months ago I had a hard time answering the questionnaire because I really wanted to share tips that are useful so that in my own little way I can help my town be promoted. And what a perfect timing it is that the issue where I came out is this month October just in time for my birthday. And a lot of my blogger friends went to word camp last October 2, 2010 at Manila and they where the ones who spread the great news to me. My most influential blogger friend ganda ever so much, ORMAN MANANSALA broke the news he called me giggling and said hey you are on SMILE!, smile “sikat ka nanaman teh” hehehehehehehe

cebu pacific smile magazine

For me it’s not all for glam of course it’s part of it but not all (hehehehehehe) I’m just very honored, privilege and lucky to have this opportunity to share and help promote GENSAN. Thank you CEBU PACIFIC for the wonderful birthday gift. And thank you to the beautiful couple Gay and Ronald Velasquez for giving me a copy. Blessings do come from people and friends and I’m so blessed to be surrounded with great people.

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