My New Belt from HUMAN

Have you ever experience your BELT tearing apart? Constant use of belt will usually tear the part where we hook the lock. Just like this.

my old belt

Like you I have experience all my BELTS suffer the same faith. First it will slash where I usually hook my belt lock. Then eventually it will rip in two.

my old belt

My fashion guru, beauty product consultant fashion and beauty blogger friend Brendel Balaga showed me her plastic neon color BELT. I immediately ask her where she bought it and she told me she got it from HUMAN G-Mall. I told her I need one. She accompanied me to Gmall one day and I bought two BELTS, white and pink.


I like the packaging. And if the BELT is too long you can easily cut it out with a scissor and lock it back. If you have the same problem with you belt like me I suggest you include this belt in your Christmas shopping list.

Plastic Belt

It only cost me P200 pesos more or less I forgot the exact amount. Go visit HUMAN store at the MALLS near you.

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