Tony Moly Eyeliner

Tony Moly Eyeliner is one of my newest addition to my make up collection. I like my eyeliners black to have the illusion of a smaller eyes. I’ve been using liquid eyeliner and I find it time consuming and once I make a mistake it’s very hard to undo it. And I need a lot of practice to perfect the application.

tony moly eyeliner

A friend recently had a trip to Korea and offered me a Tony Moly Eyeliner. I decided to give it a try since my liquid eyeliner already expired and dried up. I like the Tony Moly Eyeliner because it has a gel type texture and it comes with a mini brush. I only need a very small amount and it’s good already.

All I do is deep my mini brush lightly and remove the excess gel. I follow the contour of my lash line and I draw a thin line. Then I add another layer of eyeliner at the outer part of my eyelids so that it will appear darker. Tony Moly Eyeliner is a keeper for me I love the dark black line it makes and somedays all I need is to put my eyeliner, blush and lipstick and I’m already good to go.

tony moly from korea

How about you? what eyeliner do you use?

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