Skin Food Concealer vs MAC Concealer

I recently had my second visit at Davao TLC Shop Fab Finds with fashion and beauty bloggers Brendel Balaga, Ria Jose and Dulce Lada. From my previous visit I bought Skin Food Peach Sake BB Cream and Skin Food Peach Sake Pore Serum. I saw that Skin Food Peach Sake has a Concealer and I decided to buy it and give it a try.

Skin food peach sake concealer

I love my MAC Concealer Studio Finish NC30. I’ve been using it since, forever. hehehehe It’s cream base. You don’t need to put a lot. It’s like an eraser once I put and spread it in my face my blemishes fades away like it wasn’t there. And it fits my skin tone perfectly.

Mac concealer studio finish nc30

I gave the Skin Food Peach Sake Concealer #1 a try. It didn’t quit cover my blemishes because it’s texture is very light. Unlike my MAC concealer one little wipe and wala! dark spots and blemishes gone. For now, I’ll stick with my MAC Concealer. Of course the result varies in skin type, skin tone and condition of your skin. This is just base on my own experience and judgement.

How about you? What concealer are you using? I wanna know all about it.

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