Travel Tips for Kikay

I’m not an expert in traveling. Yes, I travel but not that often. And with all my kikay stuff traveling light is very hard to do. I will share to you tips on traveling which I gathered from travel blogs, experience and friends. Like you I hope I can follow this tips the next time I travel. **wink**

kikay tips in traveling

  • Travel Light this is the first tip I would also like to follow myself. It’s very hard to pack light with all my kikay stuffs that I need to bring like my kikay kit, make-up kit, accessories (jewelries and hair accessories) and my outfits.
  • Plan what to WEAR Count the days you will be staying. Plan what to wear everyday shirt, pants or skirt, intimate apparel, hair accessories and jewelry accessories. But bring extra shirts you never know if all of a sudden your vacation will be extended.
  • Organize your luggage. Their are a lot of travel organizer available in the market and online also which can help you maximize your luggage and organize your stuff well.
  • Be prepared for anything Do not be complaisant if the weather in your place is sunny. Always prepare your jacket or sweater and a handy  umbrella.

kikay tips in traveling

  • Colored Bag use a colored bag rather than a black one so that at the airport you can easily pinpoint your luggage. You can also personalize your bag by putting stickers for easily identification.
  • Plan your Vacation/Travel at least two or three months prior so that you can book seat sales
  • Reserve Accommodations if you happen to know someone at the place your going ask for their help in booking you a good place to stay in. Weigh in the pros and cons in choosing a hotel which is more convenient to you. For me, it’s better to stay at the heart of the city and pay a fair amount than stay  at a very cheap hotel but is really far from the City and the tourist spots. If you have relatives or close friends stay at their place so you have more money for shopping.
  • Plan an Itinerary know what you want to explore in a certain place and what to do shopping, nature tripping, malling, tourist spots, bar hopping or restaurant hopping.
  • Try new things try new food that are not at your place. Eat where the locals dine experience what the locals do. That’s how you enjoy a new place.
  • Leave a space for souvenirs leave a space in your luggage for souvenirs and the things you bought. Take note of the airlines 15 kilos maximum check in baggage. 

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