Bag Hook

Have you ever encountered a situation where you don’t have a place to put your bulky bag? whether your dinning out at your favorite resto, having that latte at your favorite coffee shop or at your very own apartment. We girls need our bag to be big so that we can carry all the things we need. But their is never enough space to put them so that we can eat and sip our coffee conveniently. Well, your dilemma will soon be over thanks to this genius invention, the BAG HOOK.

unique gift items

So, what is a BAG HOOK? it comes in many designs, colors and form. A BAG HOOK is a unique find of mine thanks to a friend who gave me one I discovered it’s fitting use for us girls who are always on the go carrying along our big fashionable bags.  A BAG HOOK is where you can place your bag at the corner of the restaurant table where it can hang conveniently in front of you. Those designer bags and fashionista bags will no longer be put at the restaurant floors or take up another sit anymore.

unique gift item

Since the holiday season is fast approaching this is a very good gift item to buy or have. This is a very unique gift item that your mom, sister and girlfriends would really appreciate to have. Bag Hooks are very convenient you can bring it with you anywhere you go.

If you want to have one check out my friends page, Lynette’s Unique Finds . Or if your in a budget go grab one at Handyman at any Robinsons Place.

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