Christmas Shopping Tips

Write a list of persons you want to give presents to this holiday season. And think of an appropriate gift to give them. Useful things that they need. Simple and practical things will be very much appreciated this time around. This list will guide you through your shopping. Even Santa made a list right?

santa list

Give gifts with significance. The value of the gift do not matter very much, an old saying goes: “It’s the thought that counts.” And gifts do not always come in material things.

Watch out for Bazars there you will find unique and cheap items to buy for your family and friends and of course for yourself.

Do not wait for last hour for your christmas shopping. Malls will most probably have a SALES this time around.

mall sale

For unique and branded finds for blouses and polos go to class A or selected ukay-ukay. Last year I bought my brothers 2 pairs of shirts each and they still wear it until now. I’m probably gonna schedule my shopping there again this year.

Make a budget list also it’s much better to keep your purchases in mind so that you will not over spend this holiday you might start the next year full of credit card bills.

Look for things, make-ups, blouses, dresses or skirt that you may bought this year which you haven’t worn, use or just worn once  and you have no plans in using or wearing it again and put it in a separate box. You may either do a garage sale or give them as gifts.

affordable branded clothing

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