MAC Tartan Tale Eyeshadow Palette

Last Holiday season my best friend, Sharirose got me the MAC Tartan Tale Eyeshadow Palette. I love the color combination of the Eyeshadow Palette I chose because I can use it on a daily basis and also during night outs when I do my smokey eyes make-up.

MAC eyeshadow

I like the checkered style design of the palette. A small amount can go a very long way and it stays on your eyelids all day. It also comes with a brush that I love. Usually the brushes they put on eyeshadow palettes is not that good quality and is very stiff. MAC Eyeshadow Palette’s free brush is not super soft put not too stiff either it’s just right texture perfect in putting on the eyeshadow.

MAC tartan tale eyeshadow palette

Eyeshadow Palette’s color combinations are yellowish, gold, and brown with matte black silver and white for highlights. My favorite combinations are silver with brown for daily use and silver black for night outs. I also like using one color sometimes i love the yellowish color.

The MAC Eyeshadow palette is very handy also perfect for travelling and it fits my kikay kit perfectly.

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