Goodbye 2010 HELLO 2011

Before proceeding to my first post for the year of the BUNNY 2011.

year of the bunny

I would like to recap the year that was, 2010. It was a great year full of opportunities, challenges, new projects, new blog, new friends, new perspective and events. I want to count my blessings so pardon me if this post seems boring.

Last year I launched this beauty and fashion BLOG which paved the way for the kikay in me. This blog widened my knowledge in both blogging and fashion. Sharing my knowledge as a salon owner is very helpful to me as well that I can re learn what I have learned over the past years with my mothers guidance.

kikay much logo

Comments from friends boost my confidence that I’m doing the right thing and that this blog is an extension of me, this is me-I am KIKAY.

I have been blessed last year with people. People who became my friends, my mentors and support group. This blog wouldn’t be born if not for the encouragement of BRENDEL BALAGA of GET PRETTIFIED, RIA JOSE of SHOPPINGERA and LYLE SANTOS of THINKING OUT LOUD. Because of them and this blog that I grew as a person and found that I can be influential and share all my stored knowledge and in the process help a lot of people as well as market our business. Wow so that was 4 birds in one stone?

I have been very lucky and proud to be part of the funnest group of bloggers here in Mindanao which is the SOCCKSARGEN BLOGGERS. They are my support group and second family here in Gensan, they are always there whenever I need them ready to eat the food we prepare for them (hehehehehe)

Robinsons Mall Gensan
Sox Bloggers Photo by Arnel Lim

Opportunities were pouring on me last year that it made me think that I can do everything I want and still maintain my “kakikayan.” I was also task to handle some events and parties here in my beloved city of GENSAN.

I was featured in Cebu Pacific in flight magazine-SMILE for the month of October and November. I was also seen in articles made by RIA JOSE for our blogging activities. M Magazine featured my event the SASHIMI night for the TUNA FESTIVAL. I was also featured by local GMA ISYU KARON as a career woman.

blogger writer and business woman
thank you sir Gilbert Yap Tan for the photo

I have watched a lot of national artists and bands concert and have met them in person. I have been to numerous blogging events and activities. I was given the opportunity to write for a local magazine, GENSAN GAZER.

I became closer to my idols as a blogger, leader and loving person-AVEL MANANSALA and as a career driven super multi-talented, funny and gandaeversomcuh –ORMAN MANANSALA.

orman manansala blog
the fat & fab brothers

This year I enhanced my talent as a Make-Up artist and finally had my 1st and 2nd paying customers. And was really lucky to join the FUN SHOOT at GLAN Saranggani with the multi-awarded photographer- Mr. MANNY LIBRODO. Together with the power couple JOJIE ALCANTARA and RHONSON NG.

These year I also become friends with the well known and multi-awarded Picasso behind the lense, MR. APPLE GREATSON. And the man behind all the great visuals during GENSAN’s FESTIVALS an educator a loving person and a leader, MR. MARTHIN MILLADO. And this list will never be complete without the multi-talented and superb writer a loving father and a great dancer, my editor & owner of GENSAN GAZER- MR. ARMANDO NICOLAS. They are my VINO buddies we love having long talks and laugh about everything and anything over our favorite RED WINE.

My soul sister, my fashion & style consultant, my chat buddy my party partner and sissy- MISS ROMARIE IVY CUNANAN last year was a blast because of you.

And to end the year and also this post I thank GOD for TRUE and LOYAL friends over the years we grow apart but our friendship remained strong as ever despite and in-spite the distance and time. To my two best friends ROXANNE BAQUERO and SHARIROSE DICHOSA-MASAHOD thank you for always being there and for the support, guidance and laughers.

I ended the year with a blast organizing and coordinating my best friends un conventional garden civil muslim wedding at the same time be the Master of Ceremony and one of the bridesmaids. To Mr. & Mrs Adbul Masahod a bright and fruitful marriage life awaits you, thank you for trusting in me and for giving me the opportunity to be part of your wonderful LOVE STORY. I love the statement CON said: “Wedding is just ONE day but MARRIAGE is for a LIFETIME.”

December wedding

Now, I welcome 2011 with optimism and the knowledge that the opportunities that came last year will be doubled of even tripled this year.

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