N.Y.C. Cosmetic Smooch Proof Lipstick

A cousin from Cebu gave me this lipstick and I super love it. My cousin calls it her kissing lipstick (hehehehehe) it’s the Smooch Proof Lipstick from N.Y.C. Cosmetics. Whatever you drink or eat it still stays on and looks good.

smooch proof lipstick
image from www.newyorkcolor.com

N.Y.C. Cosmetics Smooch Proof lipstick is the very first lipstick I tried that really live up to it’s name SMOOCH PROOF. It’s stays on all day and night. Plus, it does not leave my lips dry and cracking. It stays moisturized. Putting it on is a two step easy procedure. First put on the conditioning color and let it dry for about a minute then top it off with the gloss.

N.Y.C. Cosmetics Smooch Proof lipstick comes with a dynamic shades

NYC Cosmetics smooch proof lipstick shades
image from www.newyorkcolor.com

Sadly, it’s not available  here in the Philippines but you can order it online. HERE.

smooch proof lipstick
ME wearing my NYC smooch proof lipstick

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