Summer is HERE,a TIP to protect your HAIR

Summer is already here and the excruciating heat of the sun also doubled its intensity. Beat the heat and protect yourself from the harsh sunrays this summer. Arm yourself with lotion, moisturizer with UV protection and SPF+30 or higher.  And protect your hair by maintaining its moisture through constant use of conditioner and continuous hair treatments.  Never leave your house with out your shades to protect your eyes. A handy umbrella can also be added in that big bag of yours.



Summer Hair Maintenance






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A tip for ladies who just had their hair rebonded or colored. If you can’t resist the call to swim in the sea or the pool here are some of the things you can do to protect your hair. We all know that pools have chlorinated waters and the sea has high salt level which can eventually damage your hair especially those who have gone through hair color and rebonding process. I suggest before dipping and swimming in the sea or pool put a leave on conditioner in your hair. And it is very important that you immediately wash off the salt water and the chlorinated water after swimming. Never let your hair be exposed to the heat of the sun with salt or chlorine for long period of time. You could also use a swimming cap to further protect your hair. And again hair treatment is a MUST this summer.

Nothings bad in double dosing your hair treatment this summer go out and do it, your hair deserves it.


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