Royale Beauty: KOJIC Papaya Soap

Every month their always come a time where us ladies experience hormonal imbalances especially before, during and after our menstrual cycles. Royale Beauty KOJIC Papaya Soap is my recent savior from the pimples that appeared in my face.  For me, I don’t have an oily skin so I’m not prone to pimples I only got pimples when my menstrual cycle comes. I recently discovered about this beauty soap because I’m a business associate of Royale Business Club. I’ve been talking and selling Royale Beauty KOJIC Papaya Soap to a lot of my friends. But it was just recently that I had the opportunity to use it.


Royale Beauty KOJIC Papaya Soap dries and exfoliates my pimples. When I noticed a pimple on my chin I dipped my fingers in the water then rubbed the Royale Beauty KOJIC Papaya Soap then I applied it on top of the pimple only. Then before I finally went to bed I washed my face first with Royale Beauty KOJIC Papaya Soap then after that I used Royale Beauty Anti-Ageing  Facial Soap.

Royale Beauty KOJIC Papaya Soap will exfoliate your pimples because of the KOJIC content and then the PAPAYA will lighten your skin. But it sometimes leave your face dry that’s why after using Royale Beauty KOJIC Papaya Soap I still used the Royale Beauty Anti-Ageing Facial Soap so that my skin will not dry up because of the KOJIC PAPAYA’s strong content.

Royale Beauty KOJIC Papaya Soap worked effectively because after a few hours of using it my pimples dried up already. I’ve heard a lot of testimonies regarding this beauty soap and now I’m one of them who had tried and proven the effectivity of this product.

I encourage those ladies and even gentleman who had pimple problems to try Royale Beauty KOJIC Papaya Soap. This maybe the products you’ve been looking for all this years.

This product has BFAD Certification under DOH and is also HALAL Certified.


KOJIC PAPAYA SOAP lightens the skin by inhibiting melanin formation. With its complete combination of active ingredients, kojic papaya soap helps remove pimples, mildly exfoliates, nourishes and rejuvenates the skin & lightens overall skin tone..

SOURCE: Royale Business Club website

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Royale Beauty KOJIC Papaya Soap

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