My Brazilian Blowout Experience

A background about my hair condition and routines. I color my hair monthly because my hair grows really fast. I also had my highlights done last January.  I either have my hair curled or straighten using hair iron every other day. I get a hair treatment once a month. But when I want my soft curls by hair curling iron to last long I don’t get a hair treatment because the drier my hair the longer the curls will last and I love my wavy look especially during events and occasions.

My hair is super chemically treated. I started having my hair straightened and relaxed when I was just 16 years old. Then, Hair Rebonding came I had my hair rebonded once a year sometimes twice a year. Although I don’t have curly hair my hair is what you can describe as frizzy or  “buhaghag.” Now you know my hair routine and condition you can only imagine how my hair looks like.

I decided not to get Hair Rebonding treatment for about 3 years now because of a lot of reasons:

  • My hair appears PIN straight and very FLAT
  • There are a lot of RESTRICTIONS  (you can not tie your hair, you can not wash your hair for 3 days and you can’t go swimming in the beach)
  • It will take 4 to 5 hours to finish my super LONG hair
  • Rebonding process will leave my hair straight but it also dries my hair
  • After the treatment you need to maintain it meticulously for it to look good.
  • I can not curl my hair as often as I want to
  • My hair is highlighted with bleach and pile and pile of chemical treatments had been done on my hair, if ever i’ll get my hair rebonded there’s a big tendency that my hair will get really damaged worse it will split and cut off.


Then the news about BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT came from my mom. We are having an exclusive hands-on training seminar about it for all our salons. My mom told me that BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT is the treatment we’ve been waiting for because the more chemically treated the more colored your hair is the better the result will be.

I have an inch of re growth so before doing the BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT I had my hair refreshed with color. Daniel and Kimberly my staff from Envy Me Salon & Spa, Robinsons Place Gensan and Hairs & Nails Salon, KCC Gensan branch was assigned to do my hair.

BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT process will only take about 90 minutes compared to 3 to 4 hours in Hair Rebonding.

First, they wash my hair with BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT Anti-Residue Professional Shampoo. Then, they towel dried my hair.

Second, they put the BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT Professional Solution. They Blow dried my hair then hair ironed it with a special iron to seal in the BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT solution .

Then, they rinse my hair and apply the BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT Deep Conditioning Masque. Then applied the BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT Daily Smoothing Serum. Then Blow dry my hair one final time.

Finally, apply the BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT Shine and Shield Spray Shine.

It’s that easy, right? For my hair which is about 24 inches long the whole process only took an hour. Here is my before and after photo.

Brazilian Blow at Hairs and Nails
Before After Brazilian Blowout
Brazilian Blow at Hairs and Nails
back view before and after brazilian blowout

My fascination with this life changing, break through hair treatment didn’t stop there. After I had the BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT treatment I documented the condition of my hair daily by taking photos. And here they are:

Brazilian Blowout


Brazilian Blowout
Day 2


Brazilian Blowout in the Philippines
Day 3
Brazilian Blowout in the Philippines
Day 4

This photo was taken right after I spent the whole day swimming in the beach and trying out ski-boarding. My hair remained soft and I can still use my fingers to comb it.

Brazilian Blowout in the Philippines
Day 5


Brazilian Blowout in the Philippines
Day 6
Brazilian Blowout in the Philippines
Day 7

The natural waves of my hair is still here that’s why it looks very natural. BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT is very natural hair treatment. Our hair is made of protein specifically keratin and the BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT we are putting in Keratin and coating our hair with it. Again, this is not a straightening procedure it only creates a protective protein layer around the hair shaft therefore smoothing the cuticles and eliminating frizz.

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