Top, Emerging & Influential Blogs – my choice

Every year we get to nominate Top, Emerging and Influential Blogs

It feels great to be recognized and nominated

Here are my choices

1st nominee is of course my very own Beauty Blog


here, I share beauty, hair and make-up tips.

It feels great whenever I get comment thanking me for sharing useful informations.

2nd nominee is my soul-sister, Orman Manansala’s food blog


I love reading his blog post about his honest reviews for restaurants

Orman has a love affair with food which he vividly describe through his blog post

His post will often time make me hungry because he has this distinctive way in putting taste into his words.

One of my favorite people on earth are the teachers

that’s why my 3rd nominee goes to

Ariel Lalisan’s, I AM ARIEL LALISAN

He is one of the coolest teachers I know. He is well-loved by his students.

I would love to sit in his class one of thess days. hehehehe

His blog is very informative too.

My 4th nominee

is Sheila Marie Dumalay’s


Sheng, is a very good writer. I learn a lot from her.

Her tips in motherhood is a great help for all mothers out there.

Not just for mothers, like me I also find a lot of interesting facts and informations in her blog.

My 5th nominee goes to

Lynette Gallinero’s


A fellow kikay, make-up artist and business woman.

That’s why I love her. Her blog has travel tips as well as awesome photos from her hubby.

my 6th nominee

is Leah Valle’s

13th Witch

Also a kikay, beauty blogger and a photographer.

I love her artistry. May it be through her photography or through her jewelry designs.

I find her blog very amusing and food for the eyes.

I love her high fashion shoots and informations about fashion.

My 7th nominee is Jinky Borela’s

Jinky’s Kitchen World

Here, ate Jinky shares her home cooking recipes

My 8th nominee is


General Joana

My 9th nomiee goes to

my mentor and a very good friend the mind behind the name “PIYESTA!”

Gilbert Yap Tan’s


My 10th and final nominee goes to

very talented young, Mark Glenn Cabrera

Markable Me

So, that’s my nominees for this years Top, Emerging and Influential Bloggers.

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