Wellness Revolution

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We are now in the wellness revolution. People value health and wellness. Being healthy is now the trend. That’s why according to Paul Zane Pilzer, known economist, Author of 9 best selling books and economic adviser of 2 US Presidents, that “WELLNESS BUSINESS IS THE NEXT TRILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY!”

No wonder there are lots of health and beauty products that are coming out in the market. And sometimes we have a hard time choosing which product we should use. Let me share to you some of the wellness products that are out in the market and some of its benefits.

Glutathione serves as my daily dose of anti-oxidant and it whitens my skin (from all the water sports I did last summer I need to lighten-up). Contrary to what others think that glutathione is bad for our health, base on research and personal experience in taking glutha it is the mother of all anti-oxidant and this is not foreign to our body we already have certain glutathione level but over time it tends to deplete because of our exposure to toxins and our un healthy lifestyles. Now, a days we need to supplement our body with vitamins, minerals and anti- oxidants. Take note glutathione’s main purpose is not skin whitening it is only the side effect.

Glutathione with Vitamin C and E
Royale Wellness Glutathione Glutathione with Vitamin C, Grapeseed and Vitamin E

Never forget your Royale-C, this helps in the absorption of all your vitamins and mineral intakes. Vitamin C is also known to be the mother of all vitamins. Prevention is always better than cure right?

Vitamin C
Royale Wellness Vitamin C

I started changing my lifestyle and am a little more active. I enrolled in a gym and started boxing lessons.

Gym with Boxing in Gensan
Boxing Session at Arcadia Fitness Center


I also started taking Fitshape which helps me have extra energy in doing my weights, cardio and physical activities. The L-carnitine content of Fitshape converts my stored fats to energy which I need in doing my boxing.

Fitshape L-Carnitine & Green Tea Extract
Fitshape L-Carnitine & Green Tea Extract

I also drink Richarge to give me energy for me to survive my daily weights and cardio program.

Royale Wellness Richarge


Yes, it’s hard work sacrifices and changes are made when I decided to have an active lifestyle. But all the sweat and hard work really pays off once you climb to that weighing scale and you are now 9lbs lighter plus the compliments you are getting from friends and family. Not even that just the extra energy I have for me to enjoy my summer doing extreme water sports like water ski, water rafting and wake boarding.

Wake boarding in Davao
Wake boarding at Deca Wave Park

Change in lifestyle means the whole package deal so that also means changing my eating habits. I trimmed down my carbohydrates and more of the greens. Taking in Spirulina also helps me, it’s one of the highest source of protein. Spirulina is known to be the super food, it’s actually a complete meal since it’s what astronauts eat in space.


Royale Wellness Spirulina

I encourage everyone to hop in and join the wellness revolution. It feels great to be active and healthy. Eat right, Exercise and drink your vitamins. At the end of the day this famous quote remains eminent “Health is Wealth.”


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