New Year, New Hair

(Sharing my Gensan Gazer column for January 2012.)


Everyone loves a new year because it simply means new beginnings and new ideas to play with, start the year fresh. Try tremendous changes in your hair, explore and experiment. In doing my research with what’s the trend in the year of the water Dragon a lot of them say that it is the year where we must change drastically. If your hair color’s comfort zone is more on the browns this year be more experimental, play with reds and matte.

Here’s one hairstyle that Hollywood’s stars been crazy about, the Ombre hairstyle. Ombre(adjective): French term for shaded. It is a color effect where the color gradually changes from light to dark. Not to be confused with a Spanish speaking male. (from

For ladies who have been coloring their hair and maintaining it, this look is like you’ve gone lazy that you let the roots grow out. It’s darker in the roots and lighter at the ends but with out the harsh lines that separates it. For us Asians, who have brunette hair color this look is very easy to achieve all you have to do is have it highlighted at the ends the more your hair grows the more it looks good. Head out to your favorite salons and talk to your stylist and get your ombre hairstyle.

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One hair style that has been around for a very long time is the blowout messy look which is not yet very accepted here in our small town, but let’s do that it this year shall we? This look is the look we often see in celebrities during red carpets, high volume and bouncy with beach waves. Enough with the pin straight hair look, please. If you have naturally wavy hair love it, there are ways to maintain and tame them.

For girls/ladies with very nice bone structure, small face and have long neck try very short hair cut this year. Bob cut and Fringe are still in. But this time fringe is not super bold straight this year the trend is that it should have volume and is more textured.

For guys, trend this year is undercut. You can do a lot of playing, experiments, and ideas with undercut. Grow you’re hair a bit longer then do the under cut. For everyday messy matte look put wax but for a formal look brush your hair up and do a wet look using a gel.

We should have our own style and we just perk it up sometimes to go with the trend. All fashion gurus have one thing to say, “Fashion and Trend fades but Style, is Eternal.” So, find your own style, have fun, explore experiment and work it this 2012.


To get your ombre hairstyle head out to Hairs & Nails Salon

Gensan Branch 
2nd Level
KCC Mall of Gensan
(083) 301-4822

Marbel Branch
3rd Level
KCC Mall of Marbel
(083) 228-9048

Davao Branch
Tionko Bldg. Duterte St.
Davao City
(082) 305-3401



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