Easy Curls? try Wind Spin

Everyone wants to have that “Korean-look” easy curls once in a while. Specially during events or just normal days where we want to dress up and feel good. I discovered this do-it-yourself Easy Curls with Wind Spin.  We discovered this item last year when we went to Hong Kong with my mom and dad.

It’s a very unique “patented” piece of structure you attach to any standard blower. It is a curl diffuser with cyclone technology to create that curls with steps as easy as blow drying your hair. Here are very easy steps to get that easy koren-look curls.

I just tried it this morning and I think I got one thing wrong. (hehehehe) But I still love the results. The thing is, I have a long hair I didn’t know that a portion of the structure can be detached to allow my long hair to just flow. I’ll be trying this again tomorrow and see the difference. I’m gonna update this blog post.

Do-it-yourself Curls
1,2,3 Step Wind Spin

Easy Steps:

1. Section damp hair into four quadrant, 2 sections in the front and 2 section at the back.

2. Attach the WIND SPIN to the Blower.

3. Divide the front section of your hair into 2 parts, then place 1st part inside the WIND SPIN tube.

4. Turn ON the blower then move the blower up and down. Wait until your hair is completely dry. While your doing this, your hair will be spinning inside the WIND SPIN.

5. Do the same thing with the rest of the sections.


Easy Curls
Wind Spin Easy Curls

I love how easy it is. It is like blow drying your hair with a twist and wala! curly hair. (yahooo)

more photos!! 🙂


Easy Curls

Easy Curls
Wind Spin for Long Hair

And then I saw this photo in the box. This is where I’ve made the mistake. For long hair a portion of the Wind Spin structure can be detach to allow long hair to spin well. I’m gonna try this one tomorrow morning again. (hehehehe) yey curly day again tomorrow.

Here’s my before and after photo:

Easy Curls
Before and After Wind Spin


Wind Spin Easy Curls
Wind Spin FOR SALE

Wind Spin is only P800



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