Cut-out Shirt designs

We all love to wear unique fashion pieces. What can be more unique than cutting out and doing your own t-shirt design? My fellow Zumba instructors decided to buy large shirts and had our signature tag line LIVE. LOVE. LEGENDZ printed and for a taste of uniqueness we decided to cut it. This is going to be our outfit for our photo shoot for our upcoming Anniversary ZUMBA party.


t-shit cut-out design
cut-out shirts


I’m honored  to be part of the LEGENDZ INSTRUCTORS (League of Gensan’s Noted and Distinct Zumba Instructors). Let’s get to know my group shall we?

We provide quality Zumba Fitness programs for the community, to collaborate with local authority and health professionals to serve all regardless of age, color, gender, creed, and weight.We reduce sedentary lifestyle by promoting Zumba Fitness, creating Zumba classes, Zumba party, and other physical activities.We create un-intimidating environment that is fun, friendly, affordable, enjoyable Zumba services that meet the needs of every clients.
The mission of LEGENDZ INSTRUCTORS is to improve the health and well being of every individual through Zumba fitness and other physical activities that will support positive lifestyle change.Our goal is to bring Zumba Instructors, clients, and community together with kindness, encouraging, and supporting the best of who we are.
Our vision is to activate, spread, and strengthen the foundation of Zumba fitness, working hand in hand with our most dedicated and distinct Zumba instructors.
For more information and up to date schedules like our FAN PAGE: LEGENDZ INSTRUCTORS (League of Gensan’s Noted and Distinct Zumba Instructors)


cut-out tshirts
the sexy ladies of LEGENDZ & their cut-out t-shirt designs


The result of our cut-out shirts were perfect fit, one of a kind and sizzling hot tops.To know how to make one, just search youtube for a detailed step by step how to do basic cuts, then from their you can explore and make your own designs.


DIY shirt design
cut-out t-shirt design


Here’s our event poster. Join us this July 27, 2013 5:00-7:00pm at the newest mall in town, Veranza for our Anniversary ZUMBA party. Two hours of non-stop fitness party.Buy your tickets NOW and get a limited edition LEGENDZ baller for free. Tickets are sold at P100 only.

zumba fitness party
legendz anniversary zumba party



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