Rocker Chic OOTD

JD Shirt
my rocker-chic version OOTD


my version of a rocker-chic outfit

  • Aztec Leggings- bargain store
  • Jack Daniels muscle shirt – bargain store
  • Brown Leather Jacket- Giordano
  • Gold Watch- Swatch Swiss donated by my sister Kaye
  • Blue & Pink Skull bracelets – donated by my other sister Buddy
  • Yellow Baller- Live. Love. Legendz limited baller for Legendz Zumba Instructors Anniversary Zumba Party
  • Loius Vuitton Bag- it’s my mom’s bag 🙂 hehehehe
  • Nude Converse

It’s my first time to pull off this kind of outfit. I’m hesitant to wear colored legging  other than black because of my HUGE ASS-et (hehehehe). Finally decided to go out of my fashion comfort zone and it feels liberating. Go and try out new things new mix matches and go out of your fashion comfort zone, you’ll never know if it will look good if you’ve never tried it.


Happy mix matching

xoxo & Zumba <3,


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