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Despicable Me 2 is now showing in Cinemas and everyones been looking forward to the classic, funny and stupid scenes from  the adorable minions. Who wouldn’t love them?  Minions photos, videos and toys are all over the social media and I wanted to have my very own minions. I decided to place them on my nails. I went to ENVY ME SALON at Robinsons Galleria to get my manicure and pedicure. I ask Ms. Myza to make me a MINION NAIL ART. And here it is.



Minions Nail Art by Myza of Envy Me Salon Robinsons Galleria


Minions are small, yellow, cylinder-shaped, genetically humanized kernels that have one or two eyes and are one of the most notable characters in the film. The minions possess one additional physiological characteristic; with a snap and a shake, they can double as glow sticks for activities in the dark, such as going through ventilation ducts.

Source: http://despicableme.wikia.com/wiki/Gru’s_Minions


If you want your MINION NAIL ART go and visit these salons:

  • Envy Me Salon Robinsons Galleria
  • Envy Me Salon Robinsons Place Gensan
  • Hairs & Nails Salon Duterte Street Davao City
  • Hairs & Nails Salon KCC Mall of Gensan


Minion Nail Art by Luz of Envy Me Salon Robinsons Place Gensan

Minion Nail Art by Luz of Envy Me Salon Robinsons Place Gensan


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